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Hello, I was just wondering…. is 50 US dollars a great price for a 64dd?

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Yeah…I’d snap one up in a heartbeat if I could find one for fifty bucks.

What’s a 64DD?
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It’s the disc drive attachment for the N64. Initially referred to as the “bulky drive,” it used rewritable Zip-like media that held more than the early carts.

It was released as a Japan-only peripheral and included the Randnet service to download games. Unfortunately, it was delayed to the point of irrelevance and tragically undersupported.

Among the few games released for it were Doshin the Giant and the F-Zero expansion pack with track editor.

They go for huge bucks here in the States…50 bucks is a steal.
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Oh, I’ve seen that before in a mag. back in 98. That thing looked awesome. I remember days while playing Golden Eye. Wondering what that was and, what it does. Thanks for the information RacerX. I appreciate it. =D

owe much do they uselly go for? i’m intressted in one too…

Big bucks. Take a look here:


I can see that someone payed 350 for one on ebay there, is that gpb or usd? and is that a common price for one? becaus the thread is about a big package… i’m more intressted in the unit alone atm ^^

With 7 games you pay usually 500 € for it…


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