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Today a new VB-stuff package arrives with several games.
One of the games was Virtual League Baseball.
Have you ever listened to the German nationl anthem in the “team-select” screen?
You may notice that this isn’t the right anthem of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Its the “Auferstanden aus Ruinen (Reborn from the riuns)” anthem of the 1990 collapsed German Democratic Republic.

Isn’t it curious?

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Poahaha, I can’t believe it, this must be THE find since “Ninntenndo” xDDDDDD

Where was this Ninntenndo error located?
As far as the National Anthem I never noticed that nore would have unless you had said something.

The “Ninntenndo” error was to find in the game Virtual Lab.

Well, there is a game I will probably never get to play.


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