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Hello there, I’m BarbecueFlesh, and I’m a pretty much a beginner’s getting started, and I had a game idea for me to make in the future (as long as I know how to code though), it’s a game (called Playball) that can be best described as Breakout meets Pinball meets Screwball Scramble.

You must prevent a living ball from going through your paddle, if that happens it will fall and fly onto the 4th wall and breaks it, if it happens three times then the game’s over, to prevent this, you have to bounce the living ball with your paddle, you control a paddle by moving left or right with the left D pad, and press A to launch a ball higher if the living ball is near by, you go into holes that leads you to a area in a Screwball Scramble setting and now you control a living ball dodging through hazards and traps in a bird’s eye view setting, you get points by hitting bumpers, hitting living enemies and winning areas (in a Screwball Scramble setting), it will have a snow theme, a cave theme, a swamp theme and a wasteland theme.

Since I’m a beginner’s getting started I’ll have to learn about the C (or C++) programming language do some research if I can…

Feedback is allowed!

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Hello Barbecueflesh. Good luck on your game. I have found that any game can be better with the use of 3d sprites,backgrounds and bosses! And they are a lot easier to create than before! if interested reply to this in a form of a PM. I teach for free. And I love to show people that are serious, this craft. let me know if your interested.

Nice! My advice to you is to go to the Discord community. There you will have suport, if you need. There you will also get more updates from programs in development to help the developer community.


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Sounds like a nice game idea. Looking forward to seeing the end product of it. Video game programming is one of the most striking sectors for many users. Although creating a video game a few years ago was considered a very complicated task, today, anyone with minimal knowledge can create their own game. In addition, the video game industry is one of the biggest and most money-making industries, so for many, it’s even a way out and a job opportunity, whether in a big company or independently. If you’re a Counter-Strike Go fan and have skins that you want to sell, guys from https://skincashier.com will buy them instantly and send you the cash right away.

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Hi. Your game idea sounds interesting and I would like to hear more about it once you make more progress on it. As gdces1984 said, I would recommend joining the discord server (if you haven’t already) as it is the best place to ask questions about VB dev. Good luck on your game!


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