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Please add al those nice pictures from the famutsi magazine to the page 😛
They Will me much nice to see as a part on this page.. The first one and not mine

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Benjamins famitsi scans. I hope all those pictures Will find its place here at planet VB

Starting to getting tired to post anything here becaus i dont get Any respons What so ever. Well mayby its becaus My bad english 🙁

Neat pictures Rob! Do you have any idea what these games are? maybe our translators could help us out w that.(but i don’t want to volunteer anyone other than myself and can’t help you there.) Just saying. And BTW your English is way better than my Swedish. so keep up the posts.:-)

Don’t bother with editing and uploading these images, Robert. I have already gone through all of Ben’s Famitsu scans a while ago and cut out the screenshots and other interesting images which are not on the site yet. I only have to add them. 🙂

That racing game looks like the VB Goldeneye prototype right??

The other ones look like maybe the sequel to Virtual League Baseball, some kind of Virtual Mahjong, and the last maybe a hybrid of Space Squash and Bound High!.

the last one looks like penguin kun wars.

So I have added the first chunk of screenshots:
– Dolphin Demo
– Racing Demo
– Wangan Sensen Red City
– Sora Tobu Henry
– Virtual Jockey
– Virtual Dodgeball
– Virtual Double Mahjong
– Faceball
– Bound High Beta
– Vertical Force Beta
– VB Wario Land Beta
– Virtual Bowling Beta
– Virtual Pro Baseball ’95 Beta

Here is a link to a new article that has been uncovered for “Sora Tobu Henry,” aka “Flying Henry.”

I am currently trying to find out what magazine this article came from.

Cool find, Ben! Two new screenshots and quite a bit of information as it seems. 🙂

There’s a few more Virtual Boy related posts to be found in this channel, including a paragraph about Virtual Double Yakuman. Here’s the complete list of what I could spot. There’s probably more.

I found out that the Flying Henry article came from じゅげむ 雑誌 – which is translated as Jugemu Magazine. I assume that the other articles on Virtual Boy games came from this magazine as well. Jugemu was a multi-platform gaming magazine that ran from 1995 to 1999 in Japan.

Looks like I’ll have to start searching for the 1995 issues of this magazine on Yahoo Auctions Japan now! 🙂


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