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I’m hoping someone can help me with this not too tricky question. I have just purchased a mains powered VB from Ebay. I am based in the UK so used an adaptor to convert to UK mains power but unfortunately it appears the adaptor wasn’t of very high quality. As a result there was a small bang and some smoke coming from the plug itself. Not very clever! I have a couple of questions:

1. I need a new power cable for the VB. I understand I can use a NES or SNES power cable? Will I need an American power cord or can I use a UK one? Is this the best way to get the VB up and running or are people aware of any gheneral mains power unit I can use?

2. Any advice on an American to UK power converter?


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You can use any SNES power adapter (NES as well?). So go find a SNES adapter with your ratings, etc and have fun. On a side note who knows what happend with the bang and a pop. You might need to pick up a new head for your VB.


Luckily I didn’t have the joypad plugged into the unit so all should be ok. I’ve tried a snes power adaptor but it has a different plug, it looks like the American and UK adaptors are different. Any ideas?

Move to the US?

Thanks… anyone else have any ideas?

It would be easy to cut the end off of a US adapter and atach it ot a UK one. Or you can wire a new plug into the power brick. The VB requires 9 volts at 1,000ma (1 amp) and the power pack pinout is here:


When I lived in Cameroon we had 110 to 220 transformers but they cost about $40 apiece.


David beat me to the punch.

For those of us lucky enough to live outside the US and its 110V monpoly, the best (and usually cheapest) way is usually to get hold of a US AC adaptor and use its oversized plug on a local one. 😉

Or do yourself a custom battery pack i live in the uk and have done this battery pack using a standard 7.2v nicad racing pack and a male connector all avalable from hobbystores heres some picks:

(It Runs The VB For hours its only a 1800Mah so more Mah would give you a longer running time)

Its an easy option and one less wire wile playing

Hope it helps



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