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Hi Guys

thought i best pop up a post and say hello! I recently scored a VB after wishing i had one as a kid :p Got it with stand all the acessories and a copy of mario tennis! not to shabby! but i certainly want to get some good games for it (and i know there are some)!

Also these Flashboy carts sound like just the solution to get the good games with out the crazy price tags! How can i go about getting one?

Appologies if you get these questions all the time πŸ˜€

Anyway greetings fromt he UK nice to find a dedicated forum to the VB πŸ™‚

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Hey, top call on getting yourself a VB. I personally would recommend Red Alarm above all others, its my fav. Wario is also top title if platformers are your thing.
I fully recommend a flashboy, although it does not have battery save it does mean you can play all the games, ROM’s of which are all out there, and also you get to play homebrew titles on hardware, and if you get real lucky and manage to get a ROM of any of the unreleased or prototype games etc, you can play them on hardware too. (If you do get lucky and want to share i will gladly accept.)
Anyway you are sure to have mucho fun with your VB, I was similar to you, wanted one since ’95 (i was not a kid then but had no cash and no way of getting one) so when my wife presented me with a real nice Japanese model, in box with all parts, on my birthday last year, well for one i knew i had the right woman, but secondly it has immersed me ever since, more so than my DS or Wii.

Have fun,
HT πŸ˜€

wow! you did find the right women! grats! πŸ˜€

of course any rare stuff i find i’ll be more than happy to share with the community πŸ™‚ i’ll start looking for a copy of red alarm then it was high on my list too πŸ™‚

im a general fan of the unloved consoles, my biggest love being the 32x from sega πŸ™‚ ive got a nearly complete games collection for that! although i doubt i’ll ever do that with the VB! i dont have the moneys! πŸ˜€

Nice, u got a sega 32x! i wanna get one of them, it seems all the unique systems seem to fail..

Virtual boy didnt do so well
Vectrex didnt do so well

both start with V, both unique, both didnt do so well. and i own both of them! Both have 3D elements (vectrex 3D imager, virtual boy is 3D)

What a coincidence lol

By the way, i would love to see a picture of tones of Sega 32x’s attached on top of each other, would it still work if you had say a sega 32x attached to the sega mega drive (genesis), then a sega 32x attached onto another sega 32x so on and so on till you put a cartridge on the top?

well its not all good news! πŸ™ the system works perfect for a few mins then the left eyepiece has started displaying a ghost image thats reversed πŸ™ im guessing it could be the ribbin cables πŸ™ anyone point me in the right direction?

oh and you have no idea how long it took to find this picture! :p but seeing as its the first time i’ve seen another Mathew with on T! i thought i’d make the effort πŸ™‚ my names spelt correctly too πŸ˜€

oh dear that isnt good about the virtual boy, when i got mine it was about a week later before the right eye glitched out, it was the ribbon in the right eye.

Me and my dad made a screwdriver (there is a guide about it on this site somewhere, i beleive its in the forums) this screwdriver allowed us to open up the virtual boy, once we opened it we de-attached the ribbon and we used a very very fine sandpaper to graze away the plastic coating on the tip of the ribbon where it needed to be soldered, coated the part with solder put it back in and it worked, its either use a very very fine sandpaper to graze the coating of plastic on the ribbon cable to re solder it or a few other methods.

once again there is a guide and a few websites that will have guides on how to open it etc.

HAHAHAHAHA that picture is hilarious, i havnt seen such a tower of sega consoles and games! i got all of that apart from the sega 32x, mega cd model 1 (got 2nd model) and the megadrive game genie, i got the rest. You’ve encouraged me to obtain these items and do the same thing, thats really cool and funny at the same time! – cant do that with consoles these days!

hah your name is mathew as well? that’s pretty cool, all the people i know have 2 T’s πŸ˜€ i think mathew is unique haha.

what are your favourite games for the sega 32x?

once again thank you for the picture, i just got my sega megadrive model 1 and put the sonic and knuckles cart on then the master system converter then a sega master system cart! haha!

well i popped it open last night to investigate and there is what looks like a fold in the ribbon cable of the affected eyepiece, rather that try to repair it im just going to send it back to where i got it from, it looks like its been opened before so maybe the previous owner broke it πŸ™

i’ll send it back and then get another, ive already got a boxed copy of red alarm on the way so i’ll need another one to play it on πŸ™

lol i thought youd like the pic totally point less but at the same time hilarious πŸ™‚

yup mathew with one t! we shall take over the world! or at least get people to spell our names correctly!

Hey i got a sega 32x, i was surfin ebay Australia looking up just ‘sega’ and noticed a megadrive with the 32x on it!

I got it for 140 bucks including postage (about 70 GBP) it came with knuckles chaotix, mortal kombat 2 several other 32x games jst cartridges all PAL versions im pretty happy… isnt knuckles chaotix PAL version quite rare? (either way im keeping it, i really wanna play the game)

im gonna sell all the megadrive games and the megadrive but il keep the 32x stuff – not long ago a 32x in australia, no cords – just the attachment, it sold for like 60 bucks!

check it out and please tell me what you think


P.S sorry about this not being virtual boy related :S

By the way, i would love to see a picture of tones of Sega 32x’s attached on top of each other, would it still work if you had say a sega 32x attached to the sega mega drive (genesis), then a sega 32x attached onto another sega 32x so on and so on till you put a cartridge on the top?

Although I don’t have a 32X (not even a Genesis, but I do play them in the emulator), I don’t think it would work, since the cartridge slot isn’t the only connection between the two. While the topmost 32X probably _would_ pass data to the 32X below it, and the latter would think it’s receiving data from a Genesis cartridge, and so would just pass data to the 32X below, and so on, until they would reach the Genesis (with lots of lag of course), you have to consider that the 32X hasn’t got the input for the cables coming from another 32X, and I doubt it would work well. Still, if you get another 32X, why don’t you try?


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