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I have recently become extremely interested in the VB for artistic reasons. I have little programming knowledge, but I am interested in creating small animated environments much like the first scene you see in Wario World when you start a new game. I thought that was fantastic, and just watching it in 3D was better than any gameplay experience in my opinion.

My question is: How do you view homebrew stuff on the actual VB unit. From reading the forums, it seems flash carts are too expensive and pretty much out of the question for me. So, I assume it would have to be some sort of cable linked from the computer to the VB. Can anyone tell me where I would get one of these cables, have one to sell me, or tell me how to make one. My electronic skills are nil, so hopefully it isn’t too complicated. But if someone has instructions I could figure it out.

Also, I’m interested in linking two VBs for simple interaction within these environments. Can this be done by someone with little electronic knowledge?

Thanks very much,
I look forward to you response.

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CVS Sucks Peaches! I have been realy happy with subversion but there is verry little web hosting support for it. Its sutch a simple problem, why do they make it SOO hard!



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