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I had the “XPG” version and the headgear version when I was little. Of course it was just a cheap knockoff of the VB that basically stripped the VB of everything cool and just resulted in bad red/black LCD games. Pretty awful system but it’s fairly nostalgic for me.


Tiger Electronics R-Zone 101: A Beginners Guide

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I don’t have one but one day I want one for my game collection… mostly because it was a VB knockoff πŸ˜›

I got one second-hand from a thrift store. I don’t remember playing it for more than a few minutes, and I’ve since taken it apart. I think I replaced the red LEDs in the back-light PCB with IR ones from various remote controls to make an IR illuminator. I was planning to use the “controller” as some kind of PC game-pad or RC remote, but it’s lost in my junk-boxes somewhere πŸ˜› Now that I think of it, it might be useful as a simple control pendant for my CNC machine… I’m pretty sure I still have the headband unit, too, although it’s just an empty shell and a bit of elastic, at this point.

I almost bought one a few times, but nope… I don’t have one. The games just really didn’t look very good.


I have one sitting right next to me

Ahh, Tiger’s answer to the VB. I had both the Headset and the big clunky black & white R-Zone SuperScreen. While I sold that junk away to collectors on eBay awhile back, it is quite a nostalgic hunk of junk from the good ol’ days when VB was in it’s prime. πŸ˜›



Sorry, I couldn’t resist once I saw that picture. πŸ˜›

DaVince wrote:


Sorry, I couldn’t resist once I saw that picture. πŸ˜›

:thumpup: πŸ˜€

I’m the (proud?) owner of one.

Here’s me wearing it.

I like how you used the Game Boy Camera to make that picture.

Thanks! I like using my gameboy camera(s) as much as I can.

Hey guys,

I’m Ack, and I actually wrote that article that Vaughanabe13 linked from RacketBoy.com (he left an excellent comment about his experiences with the various models). I’m sorry it doesn’t have more information (also please pardon my grammatical errors), but I found it pretty hard to find much for this thing. Currently I’m working on a Game.com piece, and I’m running into the same problem.

Oh well, such is life.

Anyway, I’ve never owned an R-Zone, but I used to visit a friend regularly and play his when we weren’t kicking back with Virtua Cop or Rocket Knight Adventures on one of his Sega consoles. Man, I miss the 1990s.

Anyway, just wanted to post a quick word of thanks to Vaughanabe13 for sharing his experiences with us over at RacketBoy.com. I really love getting responses like that and being able to help folks reminisce on good times.

I own a couple decent R-Zone headsets as well as a sealed XPG.
R-Zone really isn’t bad if you think of it like the old Tiger handhelds.

Have 2 R-zones and 3 XPGs (one sealed). Still need a Super Screen and like 5 more games to have a complete collection. It’s a neat piece of gaming history.

I own one!


I also have a boxed Game.com and some sealed games. I like the weird stuff.

I have two, with 5 games. I want more, but they’re hard to find, especially on ePay.

I owned the handheld version R-Zone that came with Star Wars. It wasn’t bad, I think I got it at Target on one of their clearance end aisle racks.

I think I still had it until I finished High School when I purged everything that hadn’t been touched in 5+ years lol.

Neat item, but you were better off with a Gameboy DMG lol.

I just bought a second XPG with Jedi Adventure, because I didn’t want to open my sealed one but I wanted to try out the XPG.

I have one

That’s great, this little piece of gaming history deserves to be in the hand of collectors.

This guy πŸ™‚ flea market for $10.


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