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I was wondering what the absolute best place to buy VB games is not counting eBay. Most of my collection is off of eBay, but I hate using eBay (I only continue because its the best place I know of yet). However, my Teleroboxer came from a flea martket, but it is pretty beat up. So does anyone know of a good place to get decent prices on decent condition VB games? And also, what are the appropriate prices for SD Gundam, Virtual Bowling, Virtual Lab, and Space Invaders, because it seems like each time I check eBay the price has changed.

SSJ Lance

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The prices on the rare games change all the time… assuming complete, typical prices seem to be ~$800 for Gundam, $1000 for Bowling, $350 for Virtual Lab, and $300 for Space Invaders.

I also have a bunch of games, which ones are you looking for?


Well those 4, plus any other Jap only titles (minus V-Tetris), Jack Bros (Jp.) Mario Clash (Jp.), Waterworld, Nester’s Funky Bowling, and 3D Tetris. Of all the games I mentioned, the one’s Im looking for the most (that I think I could afford) are Insmouse No Yakata, Jack Bros., and 3D Tetris. If you collect for other systems I’ll trade other games for certain titles. If I buy them from you, I’d like to do it through eBay.

Any games for other systems you’re looking for in particular?

As is with anything that is collectible, they are only worth what someone is willing to pay. Some collectors may be willing to pay more than others at a given time, but may not be paying attention to ebay auctions when one sells. A lot of it has to do with timing. I have Virtual Bowling and paid about $850 including shipping from someone’s ebay store. I felt that was a great price and could not pass it up. I also won Space Invaders for about $300. So, DogP is pretty accurate with his estimates.

If you are looking for affordable and collectible, I’d suggest Space Squash if you don’t already have it. It really is a fun game to play. As far as buying anything from DogP, you shouldn’t worry too much. I have dealt with him before, so I can vouch for him. He shipped me a store display stand and didn’t do it through ebay. The guy is straight as an arrow and won’t screw you over. Still, I can understand why you wouldn’t want to risk it. I just thought I’d mention that he’s an honest person to deal with.

As far as buying games at palces other than ebay, your best bet is constantly checking flea markets. If you want to buy online, your best bet is though a google search or through DogP.

I often dig through Flea Markets, but living in Alabama has its own disadvantages. Every one of my friends had no idea what it was (My girlfriend caled me a geek when she first came over to my house, and VB was a big part of that). Anyways, I suppose I will trust DogP, but I would still prefer to do things through eBay.Give me your email adress and I’ll send you an email when I have some money. Although, if there are any games you’re looking for for a system other than VB, I have quite a few. Games Im looking for the most are at the Bottom, and prices Im willing to pay are listed (assuming games are boxed and in decent condition).

Mario Clash Jp—$40

Wario Land Jp.—$40

Insmouse No Yakata—$80

Red Alarm Jp.—$30

Virtual Fishing— Just offer a price because Im not entirely sure on the cost of this one

Space Squash— Same as V Fishing


3D Tetris—$35

Nester’s Funky Bowling—Offer me.

As for the 4 rarest, I will have to trade or pay you off over a year or two. Im only 13, so money isn’t the easiest thing on earth for me to accquire. If any, I can buy Space Invaders, which, with my current allowance, would take me about a year and a half to pay for, so they’re kind of out. Or I can trade for them. Just list the systems you’re interested in. And DogP, I have a few extra items lying around my house I can trade for certain games, most notably a Turbografx 16 with hookups and Neutopia, which I could trade.

I’ll vouch for DogP. Its that lameboyadvance character you’ll need to look out for. 😛

I (stupidly) bought my first Vb stuff through online stores. I only did so because back then I didn’t even have a credit/debit card, and eBay didn’t support international bank accounts.
I ended up paying though the nose. The only place I would suggest is eBay.

As for Jap games, Yahoo! Auctions Japan is the best bet. Use a bid agent such as Rinkya to bid on their auctions. You have to pay fees to the bid agents, but you get to bid on all the Jap crap you could ever want! :vbsmile:

I haven’t ever been to Yahoo Auctions before. Thanks for the tip. Also, I forgot to mentionthat Im willing to pay $50 for Jack Bros. Jp.

Dogp, do you have an Insomouse No Yakata to sell? If so, how much would you sell it for?

Oh… sorry for not getting back to you guys sooner… I’ll have to dig through all of my stuff and I’ll let you guys know what I have. I had listed a bunch of stuff on ebay a while ago, so some has sold, but I’ve got a bunch more still.


Not a problem, dude. Im just praying that you have an Insmouse No Yakata. Although, it will be a little while before I can buy them, because I need to get Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories so I can run emulators on my psp…

Hey guys,

I went through my games, the only one that I have left on the list is Red Alarm Jap (brand new in box)… I had extras of most of the others at one time, but I was just hoarding them, so I decided to sell most of it. If you’re still interested in the RA, drop me an email (dogp – comcast.net)



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