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Hey all, I was planning to make a VB Flash cart this month, but projectVB is down and I can’t find the schematics anywhere else…
If anyone has them or knows where I can find them I’d appreciate it.

I’ve got a resin moulding kit and I reckon with a bit of practice I could make an official looking cart mould (pirate style, hehe).
If this goes nicely I might make a limited number for purchase, which would be cool.



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Schematics are on my website for the cart. Just find the pinout to your flash chip of choice and hook the apropriate wires together. For most configurations a flash chip is the same as an eprom/rom.



Thanks alot David


I’m interested in seeing how the cart (and the resin moulding) turns out.

One guess what I was planning (hoping) to use. 😉


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