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Bootleg gameboy carts have always been easy to find, but has anyone ever seen these so-called VB bootleg carts? I have heard of one on one site that had all the games ever released, plus several homebrew games and demos. I have a feeling that if it did actually exist that a few games were missing, just like on all the bootleg gb carts I have.

Personally, I would love to be able to play the demos and homebrews on the actual system, so I’m dying to hunt one of these suckers down. I’m possibly going to asia next summer, and I’ll definately search while I’m there. Any info in the meantime would be great.

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I have never heard of any VB bootleg carts and I doubt any exist… VB was just too unpopular. But still, such things would be a great find… get me some too in case you find any, OK πŸ˜€

There are a number of people you can count on one hand that have made emulators, which allow you to play VB games on your PC. “Homebrewed” games are also in the works for the emulators. But, I have yet to see any home-made games actually put on a cart. If it does ever happen, those two-dollar coppies of virtual leauge baseball on eBay will be selling like hotcakes πŸ˜‰

I don’t think I’d ever have any use for bootlegs anyway. However, new home-made games put on carts would be an interesting buy. I guess it’s just the whole idea of a “new” game for the VB. Emulators just aren’t the same thing as plugging your face into a VB. But, at least if gives us the chance to try out games we don’t own/never will own. (e.g. Virtual Bowling and SD Gundam)

Now that you mention putting homebrewn games on cartridges, there might be a release of Blox on cartridges in very limited numbers. This all depends on how cheap the carts can be produced and if I can ever put sound in the game. Well… I would love to produce some carts, let’s hope this will become reality someday.


Well, price is generally not much of an object. I would not consider paying $1,000 for SD Gundam or Virt. Bowling, but I would be willing to fork out some cash for a copy if you mannage to make some. You can email me at BC2412@aol.com if you ever make any. πŸ˜€

If you can get a bunch of those cheap baseball games (i saw 48 for $25 on ebay), and could burn them onto a cart, that would be excellent. I think hardcore fans would pay $30-50 for them. But do it because you love Virtual Boy, not for the money :-p

If Blox ever gets made I guess it will be the first homebrewed, published, and sold game on VB. The homebrew scene on other retro systems is growing like crazy. Anyone see the atari 2600 stuff coming out lately? Skeleton is awesome, it even has stereo sound! 3DO, Sega CD, CDI, Colecovision, and especially Dreamcast are doing really well.

Good Deal Games publishes new games for classic systems, check out http://www.gooddealgames.com

Yes, many folks will gladly shell out good money for a really well-made homebrew, especially on a system that didn’t release a lot of games like VB or Vectrex.


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