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Lurked for a bit, never posted before. Anyway, I picked up this Bound High ROM off some guy on craigslist a few months ago. Never got it to work quite right so I figured someone might be able to tell me why I’m retarded. And in the process, maybe get a copy for themselves, if they can get it working.

I attached it to my post and uploaded it to — as well. Give it a shot hope someone can figure this out.

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So, which part of “please don’t spread this buggy version. We are working on getting the ISX tools right so we can build a perfect ROM of Bound High and release it.” did you do not understand?

Feel free to PM the link to members who want to play it so desperately, but please let us do a release properly when the time has come, with a clean ROM.

ROM downloads here…

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hehe can someone tell me how to play on reality boy, every time i try to play it wont work
On red rddragoon the main char jump x2-x3 times faster then normal and the sound is a bit off, any setting u have to do to play on reality boy?

I’ve had problems with the speed on EMU as well. Just get a flashboy and enjoy it in stereo, virtual boy games are pretty sterile in 2D on EMU anyway.

nvm, downloaded the reality boy some hours ago and now the speed is normal, well the same as the speed on the bound high youtube videos released over 1 year ago

ps. will post a 5 min gameplay of bound high on youtube soon so thats good ^^

jojobean wrote:
Don’t get me wrong, DogP, I don’t have anything against anything you’ve done. You’re an honest guy.

So it’s true what they say, “you can’t cheat an honest man.”


On 15 February 2010 “Joe” AKA jojobean sent the following unsolicited email to several members of the planetvb.com forum (red highlighting mine):

jojobean wrote:
Alright, if you have a serious offer I am ready to share some simply amazing Virtual Boy stuff. First of all, this deal needs to stay between us. I really don’t want these games to go public. I’m still working on getting a few other unreleased things off some other people and if these leak there is little chance I can accomplish that. These trades I’m working on, however, take both game and monetary trade, so I’m trying to boost my coffers by offering up the following games to you:

Space Pinball prototype
VUE Demo (the one with the monkey, etc)
Glitchy version of Bound High compiled from source
Bound High source code
and last but not least…

…a 100% fully working version of Bound High that plays flawlessly on the hardware. I have the only copy of this that I know of. It is dumped from an actual cart and not pieced together from code. So far I have spoken to nobody else who has such a thing. Just finding someone with the cart is near impossible, let alone finding someone to let you dump it. This is definitely the real deal. I can provide a video as proof if you would like. I can assure you that I have not traded this with anyone else…ever. It has been safely kept in my possession and I have not been interested in trading it, until now.

I am accepting serious offers for these items, preferably as a package deal. I need the money to make offers to other Virtual Boy collectors so I can finally finish the deals for Faceball and/or Dragon Hopper. If the trades for any other new games come to fruition, I will gladly send you the dumps I receive for free.

I am reliant upon your contribution right now because I cannot afford these insanely expensive buyouts on my own. Also, if I pay tons of money to buy any of these other things I need I’m not going to be too interested in giving it out for free after that.

Think it over. This is a pretty rare chance. After this last push to get the last few games I need from these other collectors I’m going essentially have everything and turn into one of them. I’ll have no real need for any other trades. I will, however, greatly appreciate your helping out now and certainly keep you in the loop with anything else that comes out. Also, if word of this gets out, the deal is off. I need this to be kept between us. Please use discretion.

I did not reply, as I’m not a collector, and believed it to be a confidence trick.

On 20 March, I made post #4 in this thread. Not long after I received the following email:

jojobean wrote:
Whats with calling me out on the forum? I didn’t do anything to wrong you. I gave you a chance to get in on the unreleased VB world, what was wrong with that? Is it wrong to find people to help fund a small-group release of Faceball and Dragon Hopper? I’ll continue with my assumption that you’re not interested in playing those games and leave you alone.

I invite people to draw their own conclusions.


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As do I. Especially in regard to the sentence, “Is it wrong to find people to help fund a small-group release of Faceball and Dragon Hopper?”. You really don’t have a lot of steam to power your vendetta, dasi. You weren’t involved in this besides being approached. I’ve done nothing to wrong you.

Dasi, can I ask your age?

Old enough to recognise a scam when I see one.

editing has been disabled in this thread? interesting.

jojobean wrote:
editing has been disabled in this thread? interesting.

Editing is disabled after 30 mins from the initial post, don’t jump to conclusions here.



news to me. thanks for the heads up.

That’s so typical that you always jump to the first conclusion and make it a conspiratorial fact for yourself.

Editing is not possible in general after a certain amount of time, that has been changed a while ago. It has nothing to do with this thread, which BTW would have already been closed, deleted, whatever for a long time if I really where the control freak you think I am.

Maybe you should think again about your “facts”.

i think you’ve also been guilty of jumping to conclusions. i didn’t realize there was a time limit on the edits. i’ll admit my fault.

do you still try to sell this BH rom?
if yes, thats not okay. i mean in a (hopefully) short time everybody can enjoy the full working game for free. to sell a broken version now makes no sense and i suggest everybody to wait.

about raising money for faceball and dragon hopper.
that is something really good. i would love to see and play both, i also dream about Zero Racer. But there should be another way than selling broken games.
I am sure if you ask for donation and if you can prove you have a trusted lead to the games it should be not too hard to raise the money to buy it. i would donate!

about the broken BH Rom. let us burry that rom and wait for the real deal. soon the last bug will be fixed, iam sure.

This old thread gives me even more hope that Faceball, Zero Racers, or Dragon Hopper could be released someday.

Jojobean, if you ever happen to come across these games, or already have, I would highly recommend taking the Fundraiser route that has already been suggested on this site. Doing things secretly only runs the risk of the games being leaked and you losing a lot of money that was necessary to acquire the games in the first place.

I am definitely willing to contribute a lot towards the release of any of the aforementioned games, and I’m sure that others on Planet Virtual boy would be too (except maybe for any who already secretly have any of said games and have been told to keep quiet about them. Such people probably won’t be seen contributing to a fundraiser for the release of the respective ROMs.)

Of course, the above statement applies to any prototype owner of the aforementioned games. In my opinion, if one has a prototype, having the ROM released does not reduce the value of the prototype at all, assuming it is, indeed, an original prototype. You still have a one of a kind item that cannot be duplicated, though the game contained on it can. If I paid thousands of dollars to acquire a prototype and knew that I could get a fundraiser to reimburse me for all of my expenses on the purchase of the prototype so that others could play the game and I could still keep my rare, one-of-a-kind item, I would certainly jump on that opportunity in a heartbeat.

On this night I found my way here as well, Ben. It all started from the Bound High! proto-cart thread. I was interested in the history a bit. Maybe where it’s been or who knows something more about it.

After reading this thread, researching a few spin-offs, checking quick release dates of the FB and FB+ (got curious about the hype of the a BH! ROM), and then thinking on it all for a bit, I’ve come to some amazing conclusions as well.

I would love to play a new VB game myself!

Wait… one more – !


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