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Okay people, I have come to the conclusion that it’d be dumb if I further tried to stop the buggy version from spreading, it’d do anyway. So I at least want to make sure that those ROMs get labelled properly as being bad, so there won’t be so much confusion. So here’s both versions for download:

Download here.

– “[b1] [gccVB]” was built from edited source using gccVB. It’s complete but very buggy on hardware.
– “[b2] [VUCC]” was built with the official compiler and converted from ISX to ROM. Due to an unknown bug, it’s incomplete (broken Plasma stages and boss stages) but runs perfectly smooth on hardware.
– So use [b1] for playing on Reality Boy, and [b2] for playing on your FlashBoy.

Hopefully we can release a clean ROM soon.

Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

EDIT: Download Links updated

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DaVince wrote:
Instead of keeping away the hacked versions it could do the same ZSNES does and show a “checksum: fail” label at the start of the game. Arbitrary code should definitely still be runnable, I think.

But that’s missing his point… he wants to make sure people can’t play prototypes on his emulator unless they give him a copy. Seems kinda pointless (and “historical”), but it’s his emulator, and if he doesn’t mind making new releases for just updating the checksum list to make a stand against ROM hording… good for him. BTW, Red Dragon has a checksum, which will tell you whether it’s a good/bad/unknown dump (but of course not block it).

But yes… of course 256K would be better, though certainly won’t cover all homebrew. It also doesn’t help those that try to run most of my pre-compiled homebrew, since I typically release 1MB ROMs, because that’s what’s convenient for my flash cart (and others do 2MB ROMs because that’s what the Flashboy uses). Of course you can shrink the ROM, but I don’t believe there’s any tools for the Mac to do that automatically.


I suggested that other emulators could use checksums to check the roms – so you know if you have a verified good rom or not. But seperate tools like the “goodtools” work also I guess.

… and I also think it’s time to let VIBE loose. But perhaps there’s a certain Apple-fan with a certain rare prototype that needs to be punished?

Thanks for the replies folks – both the level headed and the rants – all worthwhile πŸ™‚

In terms of removing the restriction outright, that’s not a decision I can make on my own; I’d need to reestablish contact with Gil Pedersen who wrote much of the core, and who I’ve not spoken to in many years.

However, I have to say that I’m not terribly fond of the idea. As I said, we didn’t want people hoarding private dumps to be able to play them with ViBE, and that hasn’t changed. It’s got nothing to do with sending us copies; we felt (and I certainly still feel) that for a dead system such as the VB it really serves no purpose not to have all known games out there for people to enjoy.

I’ll consider the situation over the next few days and we’ll see.

Richard wrote:
It’s got nothing to do with sending us copies; we felt (and I certainly still feel) that for a dead system such as the VB it really serves no purpose not to have all known games out there for people to enjoy.

So you’re saying if someone offered you Dragon Hopper to keep private in return for adding into ViBE so they could play it, you wouldn’t accept? The only way you’d do it is if it was publicly released? Sounds like a dream world to me πŸ˜› .


An interesting question. I hope the scenario never arises, but suffice it to say that if someone did send the ROM to me without a concrete plan for it “getting out there” then other arrangements might well be made.

Many thanks! πŸ˜€

My video


Well, now that the Bound High ROM has been released, I guess I can show you some pictures of how Bound High could have looked like if it had been ever commercially available in the U.S. I hope you enjoy them πŸ™‚

Awesome! They would have fooled me…

Nice work! Can we see more pictures?

KR155E wrote:
Nice work! Can we see more pictures?

I don’t have more pictures, sorry, but the only new shots I could take are of the side of the box or the inside of the 8-page instruction booklet (6 pages + the front & back covers).

Nonetheless, as you can imagine it’s not an official design. It’s just me tampering with Photoshop & all the available images through the Internet, and putting in a lot of imagination as to how Nintendo could have designed the box, instruction booklet & cart label.

I remember seeing somebody post another box design a lot of months ago, and that one had more “personal artwork” (I’m pathetic at drawing), although it wasn’t a finished box, just a Photoshop design. This box is done on top of a “Cruis’n” GBA box πŸ˜›

Get the rights from Nintendo and make an official release – that would be really neat!

… or make them “off the record”.

Nice work VirtualBoyFreak!! Now nobody won’t be able to say that the Spanish are bunglers πŸ˜€

Awesome Boxart! Do you want to share your Photoshop files or want to keep it for your self?


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