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A couple weeks ago I chanced upon a seller of refurbished Virtual Boy units. I still really wanted to play Virtual Boy, but my own broken one was getting pretty hopeless. So… That new refurb unit came in yesterday. The right display is a bit sensitive but I’ve been really enjoying the Virtual Boy now that I have a working one. As long as this unit can last, I’ll be a more active member around here. πŸ™‚

What I could really use at this point is the eyeshade / visor and some more games. A couple new ribbon cables would also be great. Even though I have a playable VB now, I still want to fix the old one I have. Has anyone started printing new cables yet? I’m hoping to still use the FFC connectors, I never want to solder to the ribbon socket again. πŸ™

Oh, almost forgot to ask. Has Doom been ported to the VB yet? I so want that game, I’d buy a link cable and a couple flash boys / repro carts for it! (funds withstanding…)

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Check your PM’s , I sent a reply to your message.

Also, I may come into an extra eye shade as well. I’ve accumulated an unspecified number of VBs that I plan to restore and sell or give to friends who have yet to experience true red and black. I have been working on a way to make new eye shades or perhaps some type of headstrap with hood that’ll provide for a better experience during daytime hours. Either way, stay tuned and enjoy the refurbished unit πŸ™‚

Oh and, to my understanding there haven’t been any Doom ports yet…


Sucks that nobody has done Doom yet. πŸ™ Very strange too, people have been modding and porting it for decades.


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