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Ok… so I got a Vectrex from my wife. I guess I will have to learn how to program games for it was as well.

What did you guys get? Pictures please!

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Nice, that’s a great gift! Always wanted one of those.

It’s not Christmas yet, but I doubt I’ll get anything game related to post here anyways. However I did get my Brother Megaman 2 for his NES, since everyone who owns a NES needs a Megaman game.

I am expecting to get some gaming goodness this year…probably a few today and more when I get home to see family in a week or two. Pictures will follow! This is my first Christmas since really being back into retro gaming, so even Johnny-come-lately systems in my collection like 3DO, Neo Geo CD and 32x will be involved. Except for Dreamcast and NES, I have at least S-video cables for everything now too. The component cable for my PS2 makes such a huge difference, I’m hoping to get a few of those games to really test it out!

Gaming things I got.



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