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Well originally I was totally against R-Zone believing it to be a useless console. After buying my first complete NOS R-Zone XPG with Jedi Adventure… I decided to buy a loose console to try it out because online reviews can’t show what it’s actually like.

After much deciding over the last couple weeks, I have now bought 3 head units (because its cheaper to collect games with consoles) and the NOS XPG.

I now own the following R-Zone games:

Star Wars Jedi Adventure (NOS, so I have no opinion on the game)
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Challenge (Quite fun, has a Vectrex-like feel)
Battle Arena Toshinden (hard to play because I don’t have a manual, nor is there one for download)
Primal Rage (Actually pretty cool once you learn the special combo moves)
Batman Forever (Very close to your average Tiger handheld, which is a good thing… Classic)
Indy 500 (Also feels Vectrex-like, standard racing game)

Overall, it’s actually surprisingly good; but difficult to collect for because its obscure.

I spent around $80 for it all, which isn’t bad but now I have 2 extra head units, which I guess friends could use for play?

I was also able to download a console manual, the Batman Forever manual, Indy 500 manual and Primal Rage manual. The other games sadly do not have them available because they are slightly rarer.

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I honestly cannot value games on R-Zone because it’s really up to the what a buyer would pay.
That being said I would personally be willing to pay $8-12 depending on if it includes the protective dust cover sleeve. I only have 1 loose cartridge with the dust cover, I guess every kid lost them?

Dreammary wrote:
I honestly cannot value games on R-Zone because it’s really up to the what a buyer would pay.
That being said I would personally be willing to pay $8-12 depending on if it includes the protective dust cover sleeve. I only have 1 loose cartridge with the dust cover, I guess every kid lost them?

I ask because a new local game shop has it with the dust cover for $2.99. I never see these and it reminded me of this thread lol.

If anyone needs it, let me know.

Oh dang, that’s a great price especially since it has the dust cover.

I almost won a copy of Panzer Dragoon but I once again got beat out out on bidding. Hopefully one day I will win a reasonably priced copy. 🙂

I just bought Panzer Dragoon for $14.99! 😀

Sweet deal!
Can you post a video of its game play when you get it?

I could definitely do that. On awesome news I just won Mortal Kombat 3 and Daytona USA! This has been a R Zone collectors week of success!

List of R-Zone games that I own:

Area 51 (sealed)
Panzer Dragoon
Daytona USA
Mortal Kombat 3
Jedi Adventure (1 sealed with sealed XPG handheld, and 1 loose)
Millennium Falcon Challenge
Battle Arena Toshinden
Primal Rage
Batman Forever
Indy 500

Great deal there, your collection is coming on nicely.

It’s getting closer and closer to complete. 🙂 I only have a small hand full left before I have bought all the games on R Zone that interested me.

So I’ve been playing Panzer Dragoon on the R-Zone and I’m highly impressed, it’s a good porting! It has basically all the key concepts correctly drawn out and Ive compared it to the Sega Saturn version which it effectively imitated.

I now consider it to be the best R-Zone game!

I beat Panzer in easy mode, and will try medium and hard as well. 🙂


That does look good actually, I may have to keep an eye out for that one.

I only found a good deal on it because the seller could not confirm it working. Its unfortunately a rare R-Zone game and may be costly to track down, that doesn’t mean you wont run across a good deal like I did though.

I can honestly say that this game is by far the best of the several games I own for R-Zone, its better by a landslide victory.

Dreammary do you need a sealed copy of Virtua Fighter (I think its 2)? I’ve got an extra copy for $20.

I may love the Virtual Boy, but not to the extent I’d get an R-Zone. Those Tiger G&W clones were never very good and the R-Zone doesn’t sound any better.

That’s my opinion on the matter.

I just took delivery of some new games and another head gear system.
Virtua fighter
Battle arena toshinden
Panzer dragoon
And the system all for Just under £20+shipping at £13.
Quite happy with that really.

I would be happy at that price too, as Panzer is rare. You will be very pleased with that game, as its one of the best!
(Panzer I’d say is worth around $25, on its own.)

I’ve been playing it this afternoon, as well as the others, nice effects but its not as easy as looks, just got to learn the buttons.

I hope everyone who owns a R-Zone can find a copy of Panzer Dragoon! 🙂

Greetings! I recently began R-Zone collecting. Here’s what I have and am looking for. I have 15 (11 sealed) of the known 25 (plus 5 rumored) games. Does anyone have something I need that they’re willing to sell? I’m willing to sell or trade the few duplicates I have. Virtual_Link, do you still have Virtua Fighter 2? Rebel Forces sealed is my top priority since I’m primarily a Star Wars collector and that’s the only Star Wars R-Zone game I don’t have sealed. I’m also trying to discover exactly how many SuperScreen slides are available. I have the one for Millennium Falcon Challenge and know Area 51 and Battle Arena Toshinden have them. Any others? And did Jurassic Park and Zorro (and any others) not receive standalone releases? I have only ever heard of them as pack-ins.

Apollo 13 – 1x sealed
Area 51 – 1x sealed, 1x loose
Batman Forever – NEED
Batman & Robin – 1x sealed
Battle Arena Toshinden – 2x sealed, 1x loose
Daytona USA – 1x sealed, 1x loose
Independence Day – NEED
Indy 500 – NEED
Judge Dredd – NEED (probably doesn’t exist)
Jurassic Park: The Lost World – NEED sealed (may be pack-in only), 1x loose
Men in Black – NEED
Mortal Kombat 3 – 1x sealed
Mortal Kombat Trilogy – NEED sealed, 1x loose
Nascar Racing – NEED (probably doesn’t exist)
Nights – NEED
Panzer Dragoon – NEED
Primal Rage – 1x sealed, 1x loose
Road Rash – NEED (probably doesn’t exist)
Road Rash 3 – NEED
Star Trek – NEED (probably doesn’t exist)
Star Wars: Imperial Assault – 1x sealed
Star Wars: Jedi Adventure – 1x sealed, 1x sealed XPG pack-in
Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Challenge – 1x sealed, 1x sealed w/ SuperScreen slide, 1x loose
Star Wars: Rebel Forces – NEED sealed, 1x loose
Virtua Cop – NEED sealed, 1x loose
Virtua Fighter – 1x sealed, 1x loose
Virtua Fighter 2 – NEED
VR Troopers – NEED
Waterworld – NEED (probably doesn’t exist)
Zorro – NEED (may be pack-in only)

HAVE 15 overall (11 sealed, 4 loose only) out of 25 known + 5 rumored.

NEED 14 known + 5 rumored (10 known + 5 rumored sealed or loose, need 4 sealed that I have loose only).

Also need SuperScreen slides for Area 51, Battle Arena Toshinden, and however many others exist.

Looking for a headset and SuperScreen (want sealed, not loose) and maybe even the ultrarare DataZone model (sealed or loose), though I don’t care much about that one since the screen is too small. Have two XPGs, one sealed, one used.


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