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I have just completed my first vb program, and now I’m getting ready to start some games. Is the display limited to four colors at one time? I know an individual char is, but can different OBJs on the screen use different pallets?

Also, how exactly does parallax affect depth? I see that a higher value pushes the two worlds farther apart, but does this mean it appears nearer or farther from the viewer?

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1) There are 4 shades of red onscreen at once. One is always Black, the other 3 are defined by the BRT registers (BRTA, BRTB and BRTC.)

There are four palettes from which an OBJ can choose, and another four from which a BGMap cell can choose. Each of the four entries in a palette points to one of the aforementioned four shades.

2) Positive parallax values move things away from the user’s eyes (i.e. “into the screen.”) Negative parallax values bring them nearer (i.e. “out of the screen.”)

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When are you going to release your program? I can’t wait to see it! (And your source-code, of course 😉


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Thanks for the help!

I don’t know if the program I wrote is worth releasing, I wrote it just to sort of get my bearings with everything. If it may be useful to someone, I may put it up on my soon-to-be-launched VB site. I plan to release all my games as open source, in the hopes that it will make it easier for others to get into VB programming.

Woot! Can you tell us what kind of game(s) you are going to make?

I think I might start with a pacman game first, mostly for my own benefit. After that, I’m thinking of a Mario game, either porting an existing one or creating my own(I’d like to port some other games as well: Metroid, Contra, Double Dragon….)

I’d also like to make an RPG, although right now I’m not sure how well it would work on VB.

My ultimate goal would be to someday make a Red Alarm style game, but with polygons instead of wireframes.

Nice. *Throws plans for own Pac-Man game in the trash bin* ~_~

Nice. *Throws plans for own Pac-Man game in the trash bin* ~_~

/me hopes his Mario and Metroid plans don’t go the same way…


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