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Got quotes for molds for cases and they’re priced just about right.

Here’s the dilemma. I’d like cases available for VB carts in general. HyperFlash32 has notches for USB and an SD card. It’s also looking like HyperFlash32 will be slightly longer than the standard cart, meaning its housing is longer. So no sharing of molded cases designs. I may not even go molded on HyperFlash32 if a new idea I’m working on pans out.

Would people use colored cases for existing carts and reproductions? Thinking about red, black, and possibly semi transparent clear. All ABS.


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I would swap out a few of my 1-off carts for new cases if the quality and price were right.

First mold ordered. Testing the top cover first. If all goes well then I’ll order the bottom. I’ve wanted to get parts injection molded on a lot of projects. This will be a great test case to go through the process.

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Definitely personal preference. For something like the flash carts and homebrews, different colored molded cases sound awesome. But for a repro of something I personally prefer the original casing, but that’s just me. Like Lester Knight said if the pricing and stability were great, then I’d love to see some repros/homebrews in some unique cases.

I’d also be interested for homebrew and flash carts.
Thanks for keeping us updated!

Decided my new injection molded cases will need a new PCB to go with them. 🙂

32Mbit Flash and 8kx8 nvSRAM with an option of 32kx8 nvSRAM as well.

Also ordered red ABS pellets to test with the new molds, in addition to black.


Case mold machining has started!

Think I found a way to get connectors made as well. Even found pins that will work. Issue is how to stuff 60 pins into a connector housing. Anyone want to volunteer? LOL. This kind of thing really needs to be machine automated and that costs money.

Also the math for new cases and connectors is coming out to about $35 to break even. That’s what the cost of a donor would need to rise to to make it worth making new cases and connectors for VB carts. That’s at VB like volumes. It easy to compare to higher volumes of other systems but VB doesn’t have those kinds of volumes. This is assuming a thousand connectors, which would supply enough VB carts for about 3 to 4 years.

With that all being said I’ll probably build one or two to show it can be done.

very nice work !

Connectors….sweet sweet connectors!

One version of the connector being tested now. Another one is being worked on for potential injection molding.

Wow. very impressive that you have the schematics down for the pins so quickly, you’re really giving your all on this project, and it’s coming along so well! can’t wait to see those completed injection mold prototypes when they come in!

That pin connector looks awesome. I really hope that makes it to production! Let me know if you need help finding a manufacturer to do it.

Full mold for the top piece of the case complete with texturing.

And the first test piece.

Things are still being tweaked to get a better part out of the mold. Some of this stuff seems to still have an art to it even with an experienced mold guy.

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Here’s a 3D printed carbon fiber connector. Stuffing the pins is a pain. Needs some sort of tool.

Great work on both of these!

I’d definitely buy empty color cases for sure. If you ever get the connectors done consider selling them for people to self assemble too. I’d do both for my own individual projects.

…… If you ever get the connectors done consider selling them for people to self assemble too. …

Yep… that’s the way to do it. Put the pins, and plastic connector housing in a baggy, and sell it that way.

My new 32Mbit PCB. I’ll be busy tonight. 🙂

I retried a 3D carbon fiber case. It came out very clean. The guy who did my original print oriented the part badly so the original did not look good. I need to adjust the screw depth as it popped out a bit on the top cover when I tightened down the screws. This would definitely be usable as a case. $6 to print.

looks great !!


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