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Hello Ya’ll

I regulary (read constantly) visit a site that has goal of preserving console and computer case art in high quality, front page link in my signature.

If you visit there you notice we have no Virtual Boy section yet, so I ak of you the mighty collector’s of Virtual Boy kind to donate High quality scans of the boxes (manuals OK too but priority on boxes).

We do not produce reproduction boxes of the boxes, but as the scans are freely avaible to all users there, sometimes some user do.
That can be avoided by giving the raws directly to me or some of the other high level users (Forum Admins, Cover Gurus, Cover Admins or the all mighty Administrator and founder Snowcone) if you so please.
We make US DS sized covers from the scans.

If you visit this topic of mine: http://www.thecoverproject.net/forums/index.php?topic=5700.0 you’ll see what cover scans I need at the moment altough scans of all VB games are eventually needed.
Read the topic as I posted to it in short what is required from the scans (somewhere on page 2 with green and orange size 15 text so it should be easy to spot! 😎 )

Of course you all are welcome to join the site too.

I am there with same name Arseen as here. Feel free to ask me there more if you need.

Please help our cause.

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Hey Arseen,

I have just recently jumped on the Virtual Boy bandwagon and am in the process of trying to collect all of the games ever released for it through online sellers. I have a hard time finding games with boxes at reasonable prices, so I’ve made my own game holding cases for each game, complete with the front and back cover arts of the original boxes, by printing out scans of the box arts for each game that are found here:


Just click on the “Pics” link for the game you want and you will find high quality scans of both the front and back cover art for the respective game. I’m pretty sure that this site has both the front and back cover arts for all English and Japanese games ever released for the Virtual Boy. If not, it’s pretty close.

Hope this helps!

Benjamin Stevens wrote:
scans of the box arts for each game that are found here:


Cool link, thanks Ben.

I found another site with very nice scans of both boxes and carts. In fact, the scans are probably all nicer than the ones on the previous site that I mentioned. It is NintendoAge’s website:


This is a great site to use for any of you who are desiring to make reproductions of things.


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