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From my playing the red dragon I tried finding my own cheats. I was going for a difficulty mod for Vertical. This is usually a pretty easy code to find with any other cheat searcher. I did a different to (!) search each time I changed the difficulty until it went down to 5 results. Then when I entered the code into the cheat list none of them were the code I was searching for. I also tried a time mod on Teleboxer. I found no working code there also.

I ain’t the biggest VB fan but I like to hack codes and if I can figure out the cheat searching thing I wouldn’t mind getting some codes for games that don’t have any cheats.

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*bump* more like it 😉

…And the cheat search/add/remove needs to be identical to the one in VirtuaNES. 😉

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I made one code with Red Dragon for Mario’s Tennis and it modifies scoring for the CPU. The cheat search woks like a crap job!


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