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i can buy a Vitual Boy without a standard for 60 euro ‘s. with Mario Clash. Can you play good with a virtual b oy without one?

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do you mean the stand leg?
you really need the leg to enjoy playing. i cant imagine how the vb holds in the right position without one. maybe you can build a leg, but i would prefer a complete vb.

You can play by laying the VB on the table and look into it from above by leaning over it, but you should really try to get a VB with stand.


well, there are some positions you can play without a stand leg, but that could make headache. its much more comfortable to paly with a stand leg, so get a complete one.

I could buy some equipment on the official Nintendo web page. But they don’t have much stuff left. Go take a look maybe you could find something you want.



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