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Yeah. This is the only unreleased game I am concerned about at the moment, mainly because I was working at NoA at the time and I helped produce an early draft of the script with some of the other guys. However, alot of it was changed during production. As I recall, there were 3 different scripts that were done.

We got paid nothing, which kind of sucked. And no one has a copy of the game at the moment. If we could, we’d have it dumped by now. The game is probably in the hands of some hoarding collector dumbass who won’t do anything with it but either sell it or let it rot in his closet, pretty rude, because it’s like saying “**** You” to the people who put their work into the game. Who knows if any copies still exist.

If you have any other questions, ask me.

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i dont care realy 😉

i think the virtual boy should be re made so alot of these games like dragon hopper can shine

Anybody who’s worked for Nintendo in the past has to watch his ass for maybe 12 months, the term of the standard non-compete contract. After that they’re free agents and can talk all they want unless they signed up for some soft of special severance benefits.


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