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Hallo Leute,
was ich mich die ganze Zeit frage ist warum keiner sich an einer Umsetzung von Duke Nukem 3D, Doom und Wolfenstein 3D versucht.
Mir fiel dann ein das möglicherweise wenige wissen, das es zu den games seit langen die Source Codes gibt.
ich hab die mal auf meinen Server geladen.
Für wolfenstein:
Für Duke 3D
Für Doom habe ich im moment grad keine source gefunden aber ich bin sicher das es die gibt.

Wolfenstein müsste für den Virtual Boy absolut kein Problem darstellen.
Duke 3D ist evtl. etwas hart, aber mit etwas tuning müsste Ken Silvermans Build Engine auch auf dem VB laufen.

Beide Games würden auf dem VB super aussehen und es würden viele Interesse am VB bekommen.

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Hello people,
I have been wondering for very long, why nobody tries to port Duke Nukem 3D, Doom or Wolfenstein 3D to VB.
Then I thought, that probably not many people know, that source codes for those games have been out for quite some time.
I uploaded those to my server.
For wolfenstein:
For Duke 3D
Unfortunately I did not find sources for Doom right now, but I am sure they are out there.

Wolfenstein should be absolutely no problem for the Virtual Boy.
Duke 3D mighty be a bit hard, but with some tuning Ken Silverman’s Build Engine should run on the VB.

Both games would look great on VB and I am sure a lot of people would become interested in the Virtual Boy.

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i got a email from Ken Silverman today about porting the Build engine to Virtual Boy…
here is what he has to say:

> Is it possible to port the Build Engine to the Virtual Boy?

Anything’s possible.

> 1Mbyte DRAM … 512Kbyte P-SRAM

This is not enough memory! You will need to reduce the sizes of many
arrays – especially the sector, wall, and sprite structures.

> 4 color with 32 levels of Intensity

Build uses 256 color mode. With only 4 colors, you’ll probably want to
disable shading altogether and draw all your textures from scratch using a
custom tile editor.

> 20mHz

I remember Build used to run on a 486-33 at around 15-20 frames per second.
With shading disabled, and well-written assembler code, it might be ok.

-Ken S.

Because writing a new engine from scratch would be a better use of time and produce far better end results. As evidenced by the YetiVB project (j/k, Dan! Blow the dust off that sucker and keep goin’! 😉

Plus, once the engine was created, the content from these or any number of other (inexplicably) popular games could be converted (relatively) easily, providing the same net effect. (Which would probably NOT be record numbers of VB fans…)

P.S. I have the Doom source, if you want it 😉



Duke nukem 3d 2

Duke nukem 3d 3




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