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Why is post editing turned off?

Please turn it back on.

Thank you,


That fixed it!

Thanks, KR155E!!!!!!!!
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It is turned off??

There should be an “Edit my Post” Link on the bottom right of your posts. At least for me it is there. Please have a look again and tell me if it really isn’t there for you (And if it’s not please check if you’re logged in while viewing your post).

I am logged in, and the link is there, but when I click it, it says:

“You are not allowed to edit this post.”

That’s weird… I just made a test account and had no problems post editing a posting…
I did have problems with logging out of my real account though, somehow Firefox seems to have problems with sessions or something of phorum.
No idea why it doesn’t work for you, sorry. Maybe log out and then log in again.
Is anyone else having the same problem?

See first post 😉


It’s happening again, and no amount of logging out and back in helps!!!

I even logged out, deleted the cookies, cleared the cache, and restarted the browser!


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