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Is there anywhere I can get hold of an eye mask for my Virtual Boy.



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i’v been looking for one too, no luck tho 🙁

ebay, usually listed as “eye shade”

expect to pay around 10 bucks plus shipping

if you have the original black plastic rim you could make your own “shade” out of fabric and cardboard, probably.

Yeah, or just buy a VB that is ultra cheap. Such as one that is being sold for “parts”.

That’s true, just make sure you’re buying one that has an eyeshade. I’ve noticed most that are up for less than 10 bucks don’t. Also, always check your shipping prices…

btw, there’s a ridiculous lot on ebay I saw recently:


that’s a LOT of parts!!! (no pun intended???)

Yeah, I put a bid or 2, but I can’t spend that much for VBs. 🙁

Yeah, I almost bid on those myself. That is actually not a bad price that they went for.


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