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Retrogames Magazine (<http://www.retrogames.co.uk/magazine/>) has reviewed Faceball for Virtual Boy in the latest Issue, which is 23! I see box art, a cart scan, many screens and a lot of text in the preview shot, WOOT!
Well, I had some money left on my PayPal account and have already ordered a copy of Issue 23 and also 22 and 18, which also contain VB articles 😀


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That is simply awesome! However, I have to say both the boxart and the cartridge shot look photoshopped. The label on the cart seems superimposed on top of the cart and the box looks WAY too much like the Game Boy box… right down to that 1-4 players and link capability logo.

btw, here is the best pic of the Game Boy boxart I can find on the net http://i18.ebayimg.com/03/c/00/bf/ef/e4_8.JPG

Maybe the article says the box is a fake…

Anyway, I want to know about the “missing Zelda game” 😀

The mags arrived… doesn’t say anything about the box or cart being fake, but they definitely are. It also says that the game is completed, plus other things contrary to what DogP said ~_? Rating is 7/10.
The “missing Zelda” game is one of the CD-I titles, btw.


Any chance of us seeing some scans?

so that means they had or have the Faceball game in the office?

According to Jason Moore, the author, yes.

haben die oder hatten die das da?
hat der email?

retrobloke -at- aol.com

Hab ihn kontaktiert und wollte fragen ob ers für ein gewisses Endgeld dumpen lassen würde, aber er sagte nein…
Kannst es aber gerne auch mal versuchen, vielleicht was zum Tausch anbieten 😉


/me requests that some sort of translator is added to these forums

Hopefully if we can throw enough money at the guy, he’ll give in…

Money is not all…

Money is not all…

Sure it is… 😉

Have it contacted and wanted to ask let would become said whether ers for a certainly, but it no.. to Endgeld dumpen. It can try however gladly also once, perhaps what offer to the exchange;)



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