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What is your favorite game, on any syatem?

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I very much agree. Nostalgia is one of the most important factors in a favorite game. Too bad that usually when you aquire a game you havn’t played in a decade, it rarely compares to your rose colored memories of it.

While the SuperFX is tasty, none of the Donkey Kong Country games use it…

But an even better game did use a SuperFX2 chip:

SMW2: Yoshi’s Island

Which is easily the best SNES platformer.

(/me waits for the MegaMan X fanboy flames…)

I thought Super Mario World (1) was the better platformer…

*waits for flames, rotten fruit, knives, and other throwing implements to be aimed at him* 😛

…Does Tetris + Dr. Mario count as a good SNES game? 😉

(1) * throws all that stuff at lameboy plus a few kitchen sinks *


(2) no

SMW2:YI is SOOOOO much better than SMW!!! No comparison, really…

depends on system

NES= Kirby’s Adventure (yay freeze! i’m not the only person who liked that game)

Super nintendo= Kirby’s Dreamland 3, kirby superstar, supermario rpg legend of the seven stars.

N64= Majora’s mask(scary game)

gamboy=the legend of zelda link’s awakening DX

gamecube=luigi’s mansion.

gameboy advance=golden Sun, drlldozer, mario and luigi super star saga, Kirby and the amazing mirror

DS=kirby canvus curse

Virtual Boy=mario’s tennis (great music)

My favourite game of the all consoles is “Radiant Silvergun” on Saturn 😎 This Is Cool ^^

It’s between Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, and (of course) LOZ:OOT

I can’t choose for just one system, so here’s my pic for each I own:

VB ~ Wario Land, Red Alarm, and Teleroboxer
NES ~ Splatterhouse : Wanpaku Graffitti (Japan only)
SNES ~ Super Mario All-Stars & World
Genesis ~ Splatterhouse 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog 3
N64 ~ Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time
Gamecube ~ Zelda – Collector’s Edition
Saturn ~ Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
Atari 2600 ~ Space Invaders
Atari Jaguar ~ Brutal Sports Football (This is a shitty system)
Odyssey 2 ~ Acrobat
Dreamcast ~ Mortal Kombat Gold
Sega CD ~ Sonic CD
DS ~ Wario Ware : Touched!
PSP ~ Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX
Game Gear ~ Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble
Neo-Geo Pocket ~ Bust-A-Move Pocket (Played that game for 6 hrs straight and was pretty much blind for a week)

Well, that sums it up for me. I guess you ccan tell I’m pretty big at collecting Video Games.

[quote=dj AXS]My favourite game of the all consoles is “Radiant Silvergun” on Saturn This Is Cool ^^[/quote]

Holy Crap, you have that game? That is impossible to find.

My favorite game…..hmmmm…..that’s difficult, there are so many.
Now, let’s see….

VB: Galactic Pinball, Mario Tennis (yes, yes), Mario Clash.
Gameboy (original): Super Marioland 2, Metroid II (my best on that is 1:50, can anyone claim better than that?)

But I do most of my gameplaying on my PC, since for the last 15 years I am rigged up with true 3d, just like VB has it. If I scan my memory:
Perhaps my top favorite was Descent I and II in true 3d. I played some endless number of hours, totally spellbound by the spectacular 3d effect and the great game together.

I used to like the PC adventure games, but they went out of fashion totally (Under a Killing Moond, etc. style games).

Today I use Microsoft Flight Simulator perhaps the most and dug up lately Star Trek Elite Force I and II, also mindbogglingly good 3d action with the stereoglass.

From the arcade category: AirXonix, a totally unknown russian spinoff of the arcade game Xonix. Again, the stereo 3d makes it plain fantastic.

And yeah, I must brag, I just must. On the old Apple II computer I learned how to write programs, I wrote one with the title Intellectual Decathlon and back in the 80’s MUSE Software accepted it for publication. I am not a computer programmer, just a roadside gynecologist (doctor), and yet, I had the rare opportunity of a game player to see his OWN creation on the shelves of computer stores.
That is still one of my favorite, although in emulated form on the PC.

Many more favorites of course…..


Wow, you got your own game published? Wicked awesome! All I have ever done is I programmed a DragonBall Z style Power Level Calculator in QBasic. I was (and still am) a huge[/u][/i] DBZ fan.

And from my previous post, I have to add Earthbound and DragonBall Z ~ Hyper Dimension to the list of SNES games.

super mario bros. for NES

Zelda OoT !! I sucked in every news about this game and when it finally was released I enjoyed every second of it!

My favorite Game is Zelda Ocarina of time and Soulblade for PSX and also the first grand theft auto

oh my god I forgot about Twinbee Rainbow adventure for snes…..still one of my f. jump’n’run’s

Oh hard question. Thera are so many good games out there 🙂

Super Mario World. I’ve always loved that game. 🙂

Legend of Mana for PS1

Hard question…. Hmm…….. Probably Yoshi’s Island for SNES.

As for favorite VB game, I’d have to say Teleroboxer or VB Wario Land.

That’s tough.
I’d have to say it’s a tie between Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.
(I’m a huge Zelda fan 😀 )


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