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Hi everyone,

I wanted to know if there was anyway that we can record images form the VB to show it on a normal TV screen. I know that Nintendo (and other companies) had some sort of ‘adaptor’ like the ‘super game boy’ to play VB games on a TV screen (or the “wide boy” to play GBA game on N64).

Is there another way to film or display the image? When I did a special on a TV show back in 1995, when just couldn’t show any images of the game… And I always wanted to know for sure if there was a way to do it.


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Hey Max,

The hardware you meant was that: <http://www.vr32.de/hardware/verschiedenes/vue_debugger/video_boy/index.htm>, a Video Boy.

You can stick a video camera into the Virtual Boy, and connect the cam to a TV for “live pictures”. I tried that once and the output picture was good, didn’t tape anything though. A good idea would be too darken the room or put a towel on the VB and the cam, so that no light comes in. That makes the picture better.

What was that TV show you mentioned? Did you review the VB on some videogame show or something like that? Now you made me very curious 🙂


Holly cow,

You have so much stuff on this site that I didn’t even see this picture before. Thanks KR! But I doubt we had the budget to have this kind of equipment in the show… I was really LOW budget.

For your questions: A couple of friends and I had our own half-hour TV show about video games in 1995/1996/1997. It was the first French Video Game show in North America. The problem was that we were on a low ratted cable channel. But we still manage pretty well (the producer was and still is super cool).

We didn’t have much, but the information was true and people could depend on what we were saying. It never got very popular… even dough sometimes I still get noticed by a fellow gamer on the streets… which is kinda cool, since we had so much fun making it.

FOr the reviews. I did one on the console to make sure that everyone would at least try it. I also did one on Mario’s tennis and Teleroboxer I think. I would have love doing more stuff for VB, but we couldn’t get any video images of the games.

Ah well, the good old days… how I miss them…

thats pretty cool max, i wish i could make my hobby to my job someday..

you sure got some episodes of this on vhs or whatever, i would really love to see an episode, i am very curios, sorry :vbsmile:

btw: max, you told me you actual do game design for a famous firm in videogamebusiness ~__~. i know you work hard and long, but could you think you will join virtual boy developement sometimes? i dont want to force you, but maybe you can think about it and take a careful look at our programming and emulation section and sure the developement board in this forum.

its always a pleasure to have new vb freaks here :vbsmile::vbsmile::vbsmile:

Heh, that TV story sounds really cool. 🙂 Unfortunately we don’t have that dimension back in Germany here, I weren’t able to get our own show on a local station. 🙁

Hi guys,

Well first off, I’m very honored to be here plus among great people like yourselves.

For the TV show, I have all of them taped on VHS. But the first season we did was sooooooo lame that I’M even afraid to let my friends watch. 😀 But the last season is better… I was, after all, only 16 when it started. lol. I was lucky, I got to speak directly to the Producer/general manager of the station… And this guy was one of the coolest person I ever met.

For the VB video game development proposal: I don’t know what to say, except that I would LOVE to do it… but I don’t have any programming skills what-so-ever, sorry. :(((( I know a few people here who are very good in the ‘programming department’. What I do mostly here is designing camera angles for some situations and also the video editor on the project I’m working on. I’m also the GameCube quality assurance specialist. Every GCN title that is in development in my company has to pass by me and my team to make sure everything’s in top shape (even is some game are boring). Darn, I think I never wanted to be a programmer as much as now. Nuts…


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