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Here’s a bunch of stuff I wanted to sell for years…
Everything’s complete if not stated otherwise.

* Sega Dreamcast (PAL) [no box] + 1 Controller, VMU, Scart Cable, Modem
* VCD Player [not working!?]

* Chu Chu Rocket (PAL)
* Dreamkey Browser
* Dream On Vol.16 (PAL)
* MDK2 (PAL) [GD only]
* Planet Ring (PAL)
* Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (PAL)
* The Nomad Soul (PAL) [GD only]
* UEFA Striker (PAL) [GD & Cover only]

* Lylat Wars (PAL)
* Conker’s Bad Fur Day (USA)
* Conker’s Bad Fur Day (PAL)
* Perfect Dark (USA)
* Zelda: Majora’s Mask (JPN)
* F-Zero X (PAL)
* Blast Corps (PAL)
* Command & Conquer (PAL)
* Donkey Kong 64 (PAL)

* Multiplayer Adapter

* GTA Vice City (PAL)

* Dead or Alive 3 (USA)
* Azurik (PAL)
* Morrowind (PAL)

* NES Super Set (PAL) + Golf (PAL) [cart only]

Super NES:
* Super NES More Fun Set (PAL)
* Score Master (PAL)
* Super Wildcard DX 32M (PAL) [No Box]
* Super Adaptor [Import Adapter]

* Vortex (PAL)
* Yoshi’s Island (PAL) [Box only]
* Starwing (PAL)
* Street Fighter Alpha 2 (PAL)
* Pebble Beach Golf Links (USA) [Cart only]
* Brett Hull Hockey (USA) [Cart only]

* Game Boy X-Changer + 64 MBit Cart

Atari 2600:
Atari 2600 + Volleyball, Pitfall, River Raid II, Flippern, Lilly Adventure, Pole Position, Moon Patrol, Moonsweeper [Carts only]

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Can the Super Wildcard DX be converted to NTSC? (e.g. with a new BIOS) And, how much do you want for it?

There are several BIOS versions avalable as ROMs, but I don’t know if you can exchange them. No idea how much Wildcards are still worth. How much do you bid for it?

I’m guessing that all your games are German?

And I’m kinda interested in the PAL DC, but those kinda tend to go for more than I want to pay for one…

…And you’re not selling anything VB? 🙁

> I’m guessing that all your games are German?

Hmm, not sure, but I assume some or most have optional english language

> And I’m kinda interested in the PAL DC, but those
> kinda tend to go
> for more than I want to pay for one…

How much would thta be? 😉

Unfortunately, I decided to start saving for a new notebook just a few weeks ago. If I start dipping into that money, the longer I’ll have to wait for my notebook… 🙁

…Plus, I remember reading that you can mod the NTSC version to output PAL60, but I haven’t seen anything on doing the reverse to a PAL unit.

I want the wildcard too 🙂 I’ll give €50 for it.


i have the us version from conkers bad fur day and teh adapter to play it on an “pal N64” but i haven´t got the corrct pal game to boot conkers. so have anybody an idea wich game I can use?


what do you want for conkers bad fur day pal`?


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