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Where can I find the software I need to start designing a game for the VB? I have no programming skills, but I’m willing to work as long as it takes until I have a virtual boy game I created.
Thanks! =)

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Well, I would recommend my, DogP’s or Runnerpack’s sites, however we all seem to have dropped off the net for the moment… 🙁

I believe PVB should have the software needed, as well as some basic demos to start off with…

You will need the folowing:

– A good intro to C book (skip C++), one of thoes learn C in 21 days type will do. And at the same time pick up a good C/C++ reference book.

– The gccvb c compiler off of this site and some sample code avalible here and on my website (and other sites) http://www.goliathindustires.comvb/

– The VB programming docs from my website

– Vide from this website, its the best graphics editor we have (maby you can write a better one)

From there you can start modifying the demos to see what they do and how it all works, once you have made a simple move the bug around the screen demo you will be ready to tackle a game.


Thanks a lot for your help. I’ll start on this in the new year because I have no money at the moment. Oh, and one more question. Realistically, whats the best graphics the VB is capable of? I only ask because the game I have in mind is going to have quite a lot of first-person stuff, and I don’t want it to look like Insomouse No Yakata =P

The VB can do 384×224 pixles with 3 shades of red (and black). You can draw directly to the displays (there are some demos on this) so anything you can think of you can do. I have seen screenshots of a 3D doom style demo but I dont think it ran very fast. But if you got good at programming you could probably make it work.



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