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I’ve seen mentions of a gccVB compiler–so when is this going to be released? It sounds great, as gcc is the best C compiler in the world.

Is this unix based? Are there any Linux based compilers?

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Yeppa, have a look here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gccvb
It has still not been released to the public although it has been in the works for soo long, some people have been using beta versions for like a year already… Stuff like an installer still have to be added, but since there has been no work on it for very long afaik, I think I should talk to the people behind it to finally get it released…

The binaries that will be released are Win32, but the v810 patches will be included, so it should be easy enough to compile for the average Linux geek 😉 The linker script and crt0 library should work the same, of course.

(NOTE: the patches are for gcc 2.95.2.)

[EDIT: Whoops! The patches didn’t get included, but the readme shows where to get them…]

– RunnerPack
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gccVB has now been released! happy deving 😀


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