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FINALLY all the new PD roms are included in a new version of GoodVBoy from December, 20th. Parasyste’s Debug Patches are there too, and my Teleroboxer Translation. Here’s a rom listing:

3D Tetris (U) [!]
Blox v1.0 by KR155E (PD)
Blox v1.1 by KR155E (PD)
Croach, The (PD)
Etch-A-Sketch by Pat Daderko (PD)
Framebuffer Drawing Demo by Pat Daderko (PD)
Galactic Pinball (JU) [!]
GLOW Demo by KR155E (PD) [a1]
GLOW Demo by KR155E (PD)
Golf (U) [!]
Hello, World! Demo v1.0 by Amos Bieler (PD)
Hello, World! Demo v1.1 by Amos Bieler (PD)
Insane Mouse Mansion (J) [!]
Jack Bros (J) [!]
Jack Bros (U) [!]
Mario Clash (JU) [!]
Mario Flying Demo by Frostgiant (PD)
Mario’s Tennis (JU) [!]
Mario’s Tennis (JU) [a1]
Matrix, The by Cooler (PD)
Nester’s Funky Bowling (U) [a1]
Nester’s Funky Bowling (U)
OBJ Pointer Demo by Dan Bergman (PD)
Panic Bomber (J) [!]
Panic Bomber (U) [!]
Panic Bomber (U) [h1]
Panic Bomber (U) [h2]
Reality Boy Demo 1 (PD)
Reality Boy Demo 2 (PD)
Red Alarm (J) [!]
Red Alarm (U) [!]
Scaling Demo by Parasyte (PD)
Simon by Pat Daderko (PD)
Space Squash (J) [!]
Space Squash (J) [o1]
Super Fighter Demo by KR155E (PD)
T&E Virtual Golf (J) [!]
Teleroboxer (JU) [!]
Teleroboxer (JU) [T+Ger.4b_KR155E]
Tic Tac Toe by Pat Daderko (PD)
Tron VB by Pat Daderko (PD)
V Tetris (J) [!]
VB Rocks! Demo by KR155E (PD)
VeeBee Cursor Demo by David Williamson (PD)
Vertical Force (J) [!]
Vertical Force (U) [!]
Vertical Force (U) [h1]
Virtual Boy Wario Land (JU) [!]
Virtual Fishing (J) [!]
Virtual Golf (J)
Virtual League Baseball (U) [a1]
Virtual League Baseball (U) [a2]
Virtual League Baseball (U)
Virtual Pong (PD)
Virtual Pro Yakyuu ’95 (J) [!]
Virtual-E Cursor Demo (PD) [a1]
Virtual-E Cursor Demo (PD)
Waterworld (U) [!]

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Finally! Some recognition! :vbsmile:


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