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We want to redo the Screenshots section for the released games with screenhots taken with emulators. So if anyone is playing a lot on Red Dragon or Reality Boy, you could help us by taking a lot of screens and sending them to info@vr32.de.


* Display Mode: Cyberscope
* Palette: normal


Btw, does anyone know any good tools for bulk-converting the bmps to 4-color pallete PNGs and/or manipulating the color pallete?

Thanks! KR155E

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I would like to place my vote for using anaglyph and/or “cross-eyed” (left image on right and vice versa) stereoscopic screenshots. Stereoscopic 3-D is the very definition of the Virtual Boy. It’s what makes it superior to all other game systems!

To get anaglyphs, in Red Dragon use:
Options->Emulation->Display Mode = “3D Glasses” and
Options->Emulation->Palette = “Red, Blue, & Green”

In RBoy 0.8 use
reality_boy -dspmode red_blue -pallet rbg [other options]

To get “cross-eyed” images, in Red Dragon use:
Options->Emulation->Display Mode = “Cyberscope” and
Options->Emulation->Palette = “Red” and
Options->Emulation->Swap 3D = checked.

In RBoy 0.8 use
reality_boy -dspmode side -pallet red -flip [other options]

As for conversion (to 4-bit for anaglyph, of course) I suggest either IrfanView (GUI) or ImageMagick (command-line/script.)

Here’s a JASC-compatible anaglyph stereo palette:

0 0 0
0 85 85
0 170 170
0 255 255
85 0 0
85 85 85
85 170 170
85 255 255
170 0 0
170 85 85
170 170 170
170 255 255
255 0 0
255 85 85
255 170 170
255 255 255

That’s definitely a good idea… but most people don’t have anaglyph glasses and without glasses, those screens don’t look very good, so I think I better stick to red.

Another option would be red screens by default with optional other, stereoscopic versions of that screenshot which can be selected via links at the side of a screenshot.

That’d mean pausing the emulation for each screenshot, then change emulation options and press P, though. Or would there be a quicker way, maybe a RD hack?

Getting a 2-D shot from a 3-D one would be a LOT easier than doing that 2 shot process. I could write a script for ImageMagick or setup IView to do that, easily.

Again, to all those interrested: Take the shots in anaglyph mode!

I promise all will be well 😉

P.S. If you don’t have anaglyph glasses, get some! They give them away for free all over the place! (Just make sure the red lens is on the left.)

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I second that, having worked hard to get 3D support in the emulator I would like to se as many people as posible experience the VB in true 3D. Most games are rather boring untill you see the 3D effects (space squash anyone).

Besides as stated above, it is trivial to convert a 3D capture to 2D. Basicaly you go into photo shop and split the red/green/blue bands apart and presto a perfect left/right image pair.

Or, if you have a silly, all-red VB page, 😉 you can just set the G & B channels to black and get the left image in red.

(j/k KR155E & Doc! :-D)

OK, I think I will do it the “red by default + optional anaglyph version” way. It would also be nice to have other stereoscopic versions of the screenshots, like Red/Blue, would it be possible to convert anaglyph screens to R/B or other 3-D variants?

Anaglyph is “Red/Blue” 😛

Actually, in RB and RD, they can be Red/Blue, Red/Green, or Red/Cyan (Green+Blue.)

There are stereoscopic viewer applets/plugins that take a “jps” (stereo pair JPEG, side-by-side, left image on right, extension JPS) and can output many viewer formats (including anaglyph) automatically. In this case, the screenshots should be in “Cyberscope” mode for Red Dragon (“Side-by-side” is broken; possibly in Reality Boy, too) with “Swap 3-D” checked.

JPEG artifacts suck, though, so it’s better to use “PNS” (stereo PNG; same layout as JPEG) and the apropriate applet/plugin. Again, for shots already made in anaglyph, ImageMagick (or something) could do the conversion to PNS.


I’ve found a good applet called “Stereoscope Applet”, I need to try it out when I am at home. It uses JPS, but I can also use two seperate GIFs.
If you find any other good (maybe less complex and/or better integrated and/or PNS supporting) applets or plugins please let me know 🙂

I found this: http://www.jpsviewer.com/ImageGen.htm

It says it “comes free with” some free offline viewer, so I’m not sure how much trouble it would be for people to install. It also seems to be IE only, which probably really means Win32 only, since Opera and (I think) Mozilla support ActiveX plugins, in Windows.

I also wrote the Stereoscope Applet author about adding PNS support. 😉

He wrote back:

your problem can be solved easily. If you use Java 1.4.0 or later, you
can directly use PNG and PNS files. My applet supports all image formats
which are supported by the Sun JRE and since version 1.4.0 PNG is
included. The ending of the name does not matter, thus you can directly
write .pns in your code instead of .jps
Please try it! It should work.

Best regards,
Andreas Petersik

Don’t know why his website doesn’t mention that! :tounge:

So, I guess it’s dependent on what version of the runtime the user is running. I know mine is > 1.4, anyway…

Great news. So I will use the Stereoscope Applet! I think I will just place a “3-D” button near the red, shown by default screenshots which opens the applet.

excellent! oh man i can’t wait to try it with my shutterglasses!

I’ve set up a test applet here: <http://www.nintendoid.de/test/>.

The image (provided by koteshi) is in red/blue/green though, because there seemed to be problems with RD with Cyberscope and red pallet…

Anyway, Koteshi is trying to get RD to output red screens, meanwhile it would be cool if people could test the applet with different glasses and see if it looks good 🙂

EDIT: I upped a better image

Reality boy 0.81 works with cyberscope and red pallets (and now includes a nifty launcher so you dont need red dragons gui)

ps. Has anyone tested red_dragon/reality_boy with a pair of shutter glasses or any 3D aparatus besides colored glasses? I would love to know if it works and if not, what I need to do to fix it.

You should use greyscale for the stereo shots, because the applet makes dark anaglyphs from red-scale.

Despite what the author says, I tried setting “stereoImage” to point to a stereo png, and it doesn’t work unless you use the standard “.png” extension. 😕

So, the command-line for Reality Boy 0.81 is:

reality_boy.exe rom.vb -dspmode side -flip

Then, using IrfanView, convert the screen-shots to PNG and put them in the “stereoImage” property of the applet.

Finally, use IrfanView to crop one image off the side and convert the other to red (delete the green and blue components) for the preview. I would also scale to 50% (192×112) and apply a 10% sharpen filter to each, but that’s just me 😉

BTW, does anyone else get a GPF in alleg40.dll when they try to take a screen-shot?

I’ve never gotten the front-end to work, either. It compiles (with a few warnings) but crashes very time. 🙁

Please, let me know when and how it crashes and I will fix the bugs. You know, what OS, what games, what is the path to the exe, what version of RBoy, etc. And most import if it crashes during game play, when did it crash.

Oh, if you don’t have write permisions to the directory where the roms are stored you might get a crash when you save a screen shot. (I should test that out…)

ps, the front end is pree-compiled with reality boy. If it fails when you try to compile it yourself what version of Visual Studios do you have? It should be strait Win32/C++ with no external dependancys but you know…

1. RBF crashes as soon as it’s run, before it even makes a window.

2. I’m running Win98 and have only FAT32 partitions, so no “permissions” at all.

3. RBF compiles fine with VC++6 (Visual Studio 6) but the resulting executable crashes identically to the distributed one.

Your binary:

RBOY_FRONT caused a stack fault in module RBOY_FRONT.EXE at 0187:00401287.
EAX=040003eb CS=0187 EIP=00401287 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=00542060 SS=018f ESP=00542000 EBP=0054202c
ECX=00000000 DS=018f ESI=00008084 FS=29a7
EDX=000009b8 ES=018f EDI=00542014 GS=77df
Bytes at CS:EIP:
68 eb 03 00 00 52 ff 15 ec 90 40 00 5f c6 05 d8
Stack dump:
00000000 00000000 00542014 00008084 bff7363b 000009b8 00000111 040003eb
000009fc 805e7837 0000018f 00542040 bff94407 77df8084 000077df 00000000

My binary:

RBOY_FRONT caused a stack fault in module RBOY_FRONT.EXE at 0187:00401287.
EAX=040003eb CS=0187 EIP=00401287 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=00542060 SS=018f ESP=00542000 EBP=0054202c
ECX=00000000 DS=018f ESI=00008084 FS=a09f
EDX=00000768 ES=018f EDI=00542014 GS=cc7f
Bytes at CS:EIP:
68 eb 03 00 00 52 ff 15 e4 80 40 00 5f c6 05 bc
Stack dump:
00000000 00000000 00542014 00008084 bff7363b 00000768 00000111 040003eb
000007d0 805eccd7 0000018f 00542040 bff94407 cc7f8084 0000cc7f 00000000

BTW, I got rid of the compiler warnings about converting long to bool. I just changed all the bool casts into an equality test. The “patched” code starts around line 135:

			s.swap = (SendMessage ((HWND) lParam, BM_GETCHECK, 0, 0) == BST_CHECKED);
			s.timmerHack = (SendMessage ((HWND) lParam, BM_GETCHECK, 0, 0) == BST_CHECKED);
			s.vfHack = (SendMessage ((HWND) lParam, BM_GETCHECK, 0, 0) == BST_CHECKED);
			s.debug = (SendMessage ((HWND) lParam, BM_GETCHECK, 0, 0) == BST_CHECKED);

			s.nothrtl = (SendMessage ((HWND) lParam, BM_GETCHECK, 0, 0) == BST_CHECKED);
			s.status = (SendMessage ((HWND) lParam, BM_GETCHECK, 0, 0) == BST_CHECKED);
			s.disasm = (SendMessage ((HWND) lParam, BM_GETCHECK, 0, 0) == BST_CHECKED);

			s.stdOut = (SendMessage ((HWND) lParam, BM_GETCHECK, 0, 0) == BST_CHECKED);

4. I haven’t tested much because my ROMs are RAR’d to save space… (Better ratio than PKZIP.) I’m going to see if I get good ratios with 7zip, since the extraction library for those is OSS and does PKZIP, as well.

P.S. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! 😀 :thumbsup:

I am having a single problem left with writing the screenshot page. I want to change the “leftImage” and “rightImage” values in the following applet using DHTML but can’t get it working:

Any suggestions?

The idea is that you click on thumbnails which are then displayed full size and at the same time the values of the applet are changes, so you see the right screens if oyu click on the 3D symbol.

You should ask the developer. Maybe you can’t change those things at runtime, or you have to call a “refresh” function of some type…


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