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Including Polygo Block, and some Nintendo CDs.

He says he’s going to sell it on ebay, so maybe someone should get in contact with him before he does to find out more? 🙂

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Ok, that looks interesting as hell. I can see myself maxing out the credit card on that one, lol. I really shouldn’t tempt myself like that. I hope he posts some pics.

Lol, what a cheap story… and people actually believe him? Anyway, we an always hope 😛

Now the guy claims to have sold it and still has yet to produce any pictures. If this story is true, the man is a complete idiot. If the story is not true, he is still a complete idiot.

Let me guess… the other guy is selling it now… http://cgi.ebay.com/VIRTUAL-BOY-SYSTEM-8-GAMES-AC-ADAPTER-STAND_W0QQitemZ8235894765QQcategoryZ62054QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem … oh wait, that’s the same system/person as here: http://www.vr32.de/forum/read.php?f=4&i=1178&t=1178 … sounds like someone’s trying to promote their homemade item as a rare prototype and the description makes it sound like they have no idea that it’s different, hoping to get a sucker to bid like it’s a super-rare piece.


I was thinking the EXACT same thing. He even mentioned that it may appear on ebay soon. He even mentioned the white matching controller and everything.

It isn’t a prototype guys lol. I just painted the freaking thing white. To the person on the gamefaq forums hoping to win my VB and sell it as a rare prototype is a jerk.

I wanted to sell it on eBay to get money, I didn’t want to decieve anyone thats why I didn’t mention anything about it being white. I just though white would make it look cool.


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