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Hi i was just wondering if any1 else has a Gameboy Advance SP and how would u rate it? Thankx!

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Got one and love it! 😀


got one, and i must say i found it better tahn the normal gba, because of the original design of the oldschool vb.

I have one too. It sooooo much better than the older version. But BEWARE! There are no headphone jack to plug your headphones directly in the GBA SP. You have to buy an adapter if you wich to listen to the sound without using the small speaker. It’s not a major setback, but it is worth saying.

And if you plan on getting one, I suggest to order the special the konami of japan Bundle pack featuring the game Boktai\GBA SP\and a cool ‘coffin’ like case. Very nice. 🙂

I still like the old VGB better as I have enhanched to the limits. I got the TV output adaptor so I don’t need a Gamebube+Game player, I also got the new Afterburner Backlit upgrade, the one with the whole front and lights. It’s quite thick but I like the grip of the GBA. Compared to my GBA SP it’s a different story. The battery for start is only 1000mah, I use 2000mah batteries and cheaper. I has built-in sound jack and can use the eCard reader. The best of all is I have installed a mini-stick which can snap on or off can’t do with the SP cause it’s already too small. For portability, I do agree the SP is the best but I just hate the L/R buttons, they are just too small and I always press them by accident.

Got one and it’s great. I didn’t like the original GBA because it’s lack of backgrounds light.


I’d love to have a GBA or better SP. Specialy for the E-reader. Does anyone have an e-reader? Would be nice to play the Mario party Card game I have. Also for the old NES games.

hey the e-reader does work with the sp u know man. I have one and yes it looks a little akward but it does in the regular GBA to.

yes i have a GBA-SP ( the classic NES one) but the one ive really want is this one –> http://gameboy.ign.com/articles/503/503361p1.html?fromint=1 <-- i know its a april fools joke, but its awesome.


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