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Hi my name is octopus (John) and I somehow got into the virtual boy. I am a collector from ohio and I am active on nintendo age and digital press. I have stopped into the chatroom a few times but nobody is ever there to talk. I want to get into virtual boy homebrew (I’ve never programmed before in my life :rolleyes ) I just thought I should introduce myself

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Oh and Im also into prototypes

light crusader


super scrabble


Wayne Gretzky all star hockey (the one on the left)
Dino crisis (in the middle)
College Football’s National Championship 2 (to the right)


Welcome! Do you have a Virtual Boy to play around with yet?

Vaughanabe13 wrote:
Welcome! Do you have a Virtual Boy to play around with yet?

Yes I do (I also have the original box)

About how much money I spent

marios tennis $3
teleroboxer $5
red alarm $5
cib virtual league baseball $5
golf $10
cib panic bomber (japanese version) $20
wario $30
virtual boy unit, stand (clip is not broken), visor, controller, original box and blockbuster case $50

Virtual boy





Welcome Octopus! (everytime I read your username I think of the Game & Watch game “Octopus” 😛 )

Have much fun on these forums and with your Virtual Boy 😀

Welcome to the community, Octopus! Regarding development: the forum section dedicated to the topic may look intimidating, but it’s fully searchable and filled with threads that run the gamut from beginner stuff to advanced topics. And don’t forget to check out the VB Development Wiki!

Also, you should try idling in the forum as long as you can. The regular users live all around the globe and have very different schedules. If you ask a question (check the forum and wiki first! ;-)), eventually someone will stop in, see it, and (probably) respond.

Can’t wait to play your first creation! 😎


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