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Hello y’all! In a couple of videos time, I’m going to do a video quick-reviewing many of the homebrew games you’ve done. I have 20 right now, and I need to know from you if you want me to credit you by real name or PVB alias. If you don’t answer by the videos making (should be several weeks), I’ll use the PVB alias. This is the list right now, 20 games:

Blox — Christian Radke/KRI55E
Blox 2 — Christian Radke/KRI55E
Capitan Sevilla II — Rubengar
Castle of Doom — VirtualChris
GoSub — VirtualChris
GoSub 3D — VirtualChris
Game Hero — thunderstruck
Hunter — DanB
Insecticide — VirtualChris
Mario Kart Virtual Cup — DogP
Mario VB — Jorgeche
Pong Invaders — usch
Simon — DogP
Snowball Wars — Jorgeche
Soviet Union — HorvatM
Tron — Alberto Covarrubias
VB Racing — M.K

R3 is a game that, the rom is named r3.vb, has no title screen either so I don’t know what game it is. It resembles Castle of Doom a little bit but with a little square basically jumping around on one screen only and it’s glitchy. Anyone want to step up?
The Pacman rom I’m not sure where I got.. could be from somewhere else on the net.

If any of you out there have a homebrew game that you want me to review that’s not on this list, tell me and send a rom and I’ll definately put it in there. And VirtualChris, should I review both GoSub and GoSub 3D?

Also a disclaimer, I will be honest and say what I think, but I won’t try to be mean and I’ll be constructive.

This will be a fun video to make 🙂

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Cool idea, I look forward to it.

Great idea, I always wanted to know other homebrews are out there, as I usually don’t find the time to play through all of that stuff.

Just please go easy on me… I tried my best!

A really nice idea, I too am very much looking forward to it! Feel free to use my real name, nick or both, it’s all fine.

Pacman and “R3” (and Space Invaders) are all from the same guy, who posted these demos on the Video Game Chat forum long ago. I don’t remember his name, though.


Here it is, the Virtual Boy Homebrew Showcase 😀

I hope you like it.


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