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So I ordered and just received the Flashboy Plus and I’m very excited, but how do I use it? I understand there is some kind of software to use on it? All I received was the cart and the cable, and I got it from Richard Hutchinson. How do I go about putting games onto it?


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Have a look here and go to downloads at the bottom right.


Hope this helps and have fun.

Take a look at http://flashboy.vr32.de.

Bottom right corner has downloads as well as the manual. Download everything, read the manual, use the padder to pad your ROMs to the correct size, use the loader to load your padded ROMs onto your Flashboy Plus.



Thanks so much! I was curious since I know in the past it came with the CD with the software so I was curious if I needed to somehow get a CD haha

Dude…. I just got mine today as well and I am blown away by the games I never got to play till now. Hyper Fighting blows my mind wide open, and Bound High is epic!! The only disaster I have tried thus far is Water World. I have no words for that game…… All I can say is that every VB fan needs a flashboy.

So many homebrew games you can try out also…

fishbone…vb racing…hunter… all the new games from the compo…

cant wait to be able to get one.

As a new Flashboy Plus owner, just adding this info here to help other newbies that come behind me.

I couldn’t get the “64” version of the Padder to work, so i used the one at the following link.


You take the VB rom file and drag and drop it into the PAD_VB.EXE program—-Again, just pick up the ROM file and HOVER it over the EXE program, drop it, and it will copy and paste a “PAD” version of the ROM file into your folder (adds “pad” to the file name).

This is the one you need to flash onto the Flashboy Plus.

You may need to put the padding program into the folder with the ROM to get it to work. If its working, when you drop the ROM into the Padding EXE, you will see a black screen flash, then it just closes…but the file with the “PAD” extension now works. This is the file you will load into flashboy+ cartridge.

Found some help at this link: https://www.planetvb.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=5792&viewmode=flat&order=ASC&type=&mode=0&start=10

Just open the loader (Flashboy EXE), select your (padded) ROM, drill down to the folder where the padded rom lives……. and click the “FLASH” button.

Finally, when using the Flashboy EXE program to flash the ROM….YOU NEED TO CHECK THE BOX NEXT TO THE NAME OF THE GAME YOU WANT TO FLASH. This will make the FLASH button light up, and away you go!


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