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this is a question that has long been in debate, but I can never get a solid answer. does anyone know for sure how many virtualboys were sold?

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Until March 1996, 630,000 VBs were sold in the US and only 140,000 VBs in Japan.

over 3,6000,00000

Including us, 82. 😛

Yeah, but I wonder how many of them still work/exist. Sure, 770,000 seems like a decent amount, but units break or parts are lost or some could get lost in natural disasters (ie. floods, fires, and the like). God only knows exactly how many complete working systems still exist.

Say there are only 100,000 units left, and 1,000 collectors (a high estimate im shure) that would still leave each collector with 100 units each… Plenty to go around


Why do I just own two? Where are my 98 additional ones? 😀

OK, I have 4-5 VBs plus several VBs as spare part resort.

Imagine how many units blockbuster is responsible for screwing up. Just think about how their dvd’s are treated and then multiply that by the amount of disrespect the average person has for a rental car. The v.b. is a fragile piece of optical precision that wouldn’t last two hours in John Q. Public’s chee-tos covered, grubby little fingers. I bet half of them ended up in blockbuster’s dumpsters.

I doubt many were abused that badly. Especially considering your had to make a safety depopsit of about $100 to rent one, which was refunded once the unit was returned. Many people weren’t willing to even put down that deposit to rent the system, even though they got it back later.

700,000 units in 6 months or so isnt bad, why did they give up on it esp ebfore any killer apps were released on it?

well, they expected to sell 4 times that much and 14 million games, but there are no figures on games sales sadly.

didnt the dreamcast only sell like 4 million units in its entire lifespan? Also what did nintendo expect the ds to sell and sony the psp?


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