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Hi guys.

A few months ago, I posted a “Safe” method on how to fix your VB ribbons. After posting it… I had several people say that it’s not permanent, and argue about the method. My rebuttal to them is… 1) There is no destruction of the parts, and it can be done again if for some reason it lost contact. and 2) we don’t actually know if the solder fix is permanent since no one has done it, and played with it for 30 years. LOL.

Anyway… I had a customer ask me to do the fix with solder… and I said… sure. So here’s a vid showing how to do it, and the technique needed to get the solder to flow.

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Thank you for doing a video on soldering the ribbon cables.

If you have a flash cart, I would recommend grabbing the VUE-Master “Color Test No. 1” rom off the site. (https://www.virtual-boy.com/homebrew/vue-master/downloads/) It has full screen solid color images for each shade of red, and is really useful for finding dead or dim lines in the displays.

Otherwise, as far as retail carts go, I generally use Mario Clash for troubleshooting. It has a bright, full-screen opening, and is one of the games that makes sound right from boot (on the precautions screen). Makes for a good test cart.

Even if I disagree with your lukewarm stance on soldering the cables to the display boards, you did a great job here with this video. Hope it helps people that are brave enough to attempt it!


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