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Is there any way to play the virtual boy without the stand? When i place it on my face and play it lying down it presses down on my noise too much and even leaves an indention :/ How do you guys play your VB?

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In the workshop section you may find a solution 😉

Yep. I also have an unfinished VB Playing Guide (showing different ways and positions to play) lying on my HDD, which has been there for years ~_~ Maybe I can put it on the site soon(?)

we really have to push that section forward, krisse!.

well a good position is when you lying on a couch, you can just put the vb unit onto your eyes. you have tro balance a little bit, but it works! :vbsmile:

in my case, i’ve bought last month a pretty cool table : <http://www.ikea.de/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10101&storeId=5&productId=10454&langId=-3&parentCats=10117*10311>
really really good to play on virtual boy or steel battalion 😀


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