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Hello all,

I’d recently come across a Blockbuster case for my VB that has its foam in top-notch condition. I was wondering if there was any particular way that I could happily use this with/for my VB without horribly wearing down the foam on the inside of the case.

From what I can tell, the foam only gets drastically damaged if it is exposed to water over time. But there’s still a lot I don’t know, I don’t want to end up ruining it, and I’m curious if anyone here has any tips on avoiding wear.


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The weight on the VB damages it when you use it as intended (my case has got worse over the years of use by me with just storing a VB in it upright, I started laying it flat all the time). The only way would be to never use it.

If you actually want to use the case for storage, I would look into either keeping the case you have as a collector’s item and not using it, while getting a second case to actually use; or take the foam out, put it in a trash bag (labeled, of course) for protection, and look into making your own foam inserts that you can [relatively] easily replace.

just dont use it.


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