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how do you select the single player whn i press enter it doesnt work.I NEED HELP PEOPLE! PLZ TELL ME

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Maybe it would help if you described what you’re talking about?

I just ran across this thread again and had to LOL…

lolz thnx 4 teh reply im still hving prblems wehre i press enter and it dosent wrok!!! DOES ANY1 KNOW WHY????? PLZ HELP!!!!!

Maybe it’s another idiot looking for Visual Boy Advance stuff.

I don’t understand anything!.What’s the next? “I have a problem too , I couldn’t play my SuperNes carts in the Virtual boy, I need heeelp” 😀

No im lokking for help wiht my vistual boy not advance! antoine plz dont sidtrcak my thraed start ur onw IF U NEED HLEP 2!!! now bcak to my prob when i pres bkspc it maks funy noizes btu i pressd enter and it DOSNT WROK!!!!! HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

You have to put it in first gear before pressing enter, or else it will be in neutral and not move at all.

After you have played, be sure to put it in reverse and wait till the game is rewound all the way back to the beginning, or you won’t be able to play safely again!



THANKS!!!1 that maks sence ill try taht l8r 2day. but y do i hvae 2 put in revrese it semms htat it shoud do taht wehn i press enter! o mayb tahts my probelm! THANKS ILL LET U KONW IF IT WROKS!!!

This guy definitly wants to get banned.. 😕

The first guy has already been banned, so someone signed up with the same display-name to get attention… I’m guessing it’s DanB 😉 Although, going by the typing skill and grammar, maybe it’s akumie… 😉 😛

I think it’s time to lock the thread…

It’s not me actually, but it is pretty funny 😛
I agree it’s enough now though.


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