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i have decide to drop all my video games and concentrate on my music so i am putting my vbs up for sale i want to keep the stuff together so i am selling it all together what it comes with : 2 virtualboy main units working perfectly 1 broken virtualboy main unit only left eye works can be used for parts 3 eye shades 2 stand the original broke so this is a make shift tripod stand works better than original. 3 controllers 2 battery boxes 1 ac power adapter and 6 games. warioloand x1 teleroboxer x1 mario tennis x1 (plus a mario tennis taken apart it was gonna be a reprogrammable cart but i gave up) mario clash x1 virtical force x1 virtual league baseball x6(1 open 5 orginally sealed) and a nice case i have them all in. so plz make me an offer i can send pics if you would like email me at fenderfreak22@hotmail.com

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sry i also forgot that it includes a homemade head strap

sry also just reilized it only has 2 eye shades the broken one dosn’t have one

I’d be interested in buying a VB, stand and headstrap from you. Unfortunately there’s no point in me buying the whole lot as I have a VB already. I’d just like a spare one =D

sry its been sold for 100 CAD thanks any was


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