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Hi everyone!

First off, I’m so sorry for not being around all this time. But finally Prince of Persia is Done! And I can now relax a little bit.

Second, Way cool updates! Espacially THE interview! Nice job.

Third, I finally found some of my old Shows I was talking to you guys about. It’s a wierd feeling watching these all over again hehe. So if you are still interrested, I can send you some. But they will be on CD rom, because we don’t have PAL video tapes here… but If I find some, I’ll use it instead.

Finally, How are things with you guys? What games are you playing now? etc.. etc…

It’s good to be back here, I love being in the red.

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hi max!!

i already missed you a bit πŸ˜‰

nice to see you dont forget the virtual boys :vbsmile: , i had a bad feeling when i saw pop on a vidgame expo, but all previews i read now, i am might really looking forward to buy this title.. lets see.
the shows =))))) how nice you haven’t forgotten it.. we promise we dont put it on the internet.. =)) you could also send it in ntsc vhs tape, most of the pal vhs recorders in germany can do ntsc as mine, but cd rom would also fit.. take it as you want, i email you about this the next days.

at the moment i played viewtiful joe on gc what was kinda fun, border down on dc (i love shoot em ups :)) and actually blox from krisse on my vb, its sooooo nice :vbsmile:

Cool! I’ll send you by NTSC tapes then since it will be a little more easy for me to copy…. But take my word for it, they are not only in french… But in french canadian. (wich is almost the weirdess accent there is :D)

But we had some fun times. If it would still be on-air, I would have certainly talked about this web site. Too cool.

Anyhow, Were are you in Viewtifull Joe? I didn’t get very far, I’m playing a little too much with Capcom VS SNK 2. I got some challenges from 2 very good gamers at work that are huge fans of Street Fighter and we battle it out at lunch time. They can really kick some major… uh, you get the idea. Plus I got my new GCN/SNES controller from lik-sang. With this baby you can do combos like it was nothing! Too cool. Finally! I have some partners to play SF/KOF games! I’m a happy SOB right now. πŸ™‚ say, that’s not a bad question to ask at the forum. hehe.

see ya on the flip side!

Hey Max, nice to see you back!

Thanks for the praise, and… more cool updates coming soon πŸ˜€
I am looking forward to the tapes of your show, maybe we can do a little “special feature” about it or so, with screens and videos…

I have been playing a lot of GB and NES games lately, Metroid II again at the moment.


well, i dont speak frwench, so far its nevermind for me.. ~_~

well i have beaten the easy difficulty in vj, for 3 times :p, you have to beat it in easy, normal and hard.. that was my mistake.. :/

capcom vs. snk also rules!! i love thios series and generelly 2d beat em ups.. i am also looking forward to get this snes/gc controller.. but mainly for ikaruiga and shikigami no shiro 2.. its impossible to play shmups with this crappy analog stick..

well, as said, i email you about the tapes and i am really looking forward to have some fun πŸ˜€

LOL! Some fun? Oh your gona laugh alright. πŸ™‚

shumps? Did they do a game with the license? Very nice.

I’ll keep you informed about the package also.

MDR (mort de rire)

Oups… made a mistake there for the ‘shumps’. I read ‘smurfs’… don’t know why… Everything is red here, why was I thinking about the little blue guys? ah well. Too much work I guess.


i said shmups.. what is the shortform for shoot em ups .. :vbsmile:

and btw: take a break and relax =)

Relax? Break? – what’s that? πŸ˜€

Hey guys! long time no talk! Xmas vacantion is up, so no more Prince for me! YAHOO!!! Anyways, I’ll talk to you more often from now on.

i am very excited about the new pop, maybe i buy it, but currently as often i am more in retro gaming ~_~

Well, I can’t really ‘influence’ you in buying it… Cause I tested it so much that I’m getting really tired of seeing it. So my oppignon does not count. πŸ™‚

But Classic games are always a blast to play. And I always take on a classic game then a new one if I have the choice. Gota love the good old days.

Test 14

Hi everyone,

After 5 monts of firewall at work, I finally got a way to post messages without interrupting their ‘high tech’ systems. (TA DAM!!). And it works hehehe.

By the way, firewall really sucks sometimes, espacially when your not a network administrator. πŸ™‚

So how you guys been? I’ve been playing lots o game these past monts. Hope everyone had a good spring time also. Now here it’s summer and it’s about 30c. It’s hot as h*ll, espacially to someone who is used to -30c.

Well, better get going. Again thanks for the great site guys! Keep it up.


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