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I currently only own Virtual League Baseball, V-Tetris and Mario’s Tennis and I’m looking to expand my collection. I checked ebay and Vertical Force seems to be a pretty cheap game to go for, so what I was wondering was, what are the main differences between the Japanese and American versions? There are some that say Japanese version but then there are some that don’t say either Japanese or American so how do you tell the difference?

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well, at first i got to say that the vb is multinorm, so its nevermind what version you choose, it will always work on your virtual boy. the main difference in some games are the language of course. and for exanple you have different characters in virtual league baseball. but mainly they are all the same.

oh, and about vertical force.. it has english text so there is no difference to the us version..
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yea i knew about the ability to play japanese games on a us system but i would prefer an english text game vs. a japanese text game. since vertical force has english text i wont have to worry about it. thanks.


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