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Hi. I bought a Virtual Boy several months ago on Ebay that came without a stand. I found how much it sucks to play without one so I seldom played it. That’s no good. So I welded myself up a lapstand and it worked like a champ. I just made 4 more and put them on Ebay because I figure there are more people like me missing a stand. Or maybe, also like me, they just like to loaf and kick back but still play the game (I hope anyway). Take a looksee at it with this link: http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewSellersOtherItems&userid=alunnaheel&include=0&since=-1&sort=3&rows=50 . If you have any questions, please ask.

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That link doesn’t seem very clickable. I suppose you could just go to Ebay and search for “lapstand”. That’ll work.

Those look great, and that’s pure genius using the screw holes to mount it! I hope you sell them all. (If only to prove there are at least 4 VB fans in the world 😉

Everyone should click here and take a look!


Thanks. I’m counting on 4 people out there who enjoy loafing as much as I do. The VB is cool as hell but if you’re not loafing while you’re playing, where’s the fun? Now if only somebody would create a game that you can play while loafing with your eyes closed. I’d have to get one of those methinks.

I’ve always been able to relate to Jughead from the Archie comics. He loves to loaf, he loves to eat, he’s mellow, and he loves hats (well, 1 at least). With the exception of his latent homosexuality, he’s just like me!

hi there!

looks really very nifty! i really appreciate your work.

would it be ok for you to make several pics from the lapsatnd and maybe write a few sentences about how to build one or something for our workshop section? we would really like to show that thing here on planet virtual boy.


Hi. Sorry about the delay checking up on this thread. I’ve recently purchased a used Dreamcast and have been obsessing on that for the time being. Gotta love Unreal Tournament with the mouse.

I’ll be happy to explain how to make one. The first thing you need to know is how to MIG weld. I suppose you could stick weld one together but I think that would be a big pain in the ol’ ass. I’ll be making a new batch soon so I’ll take some pics then. Soon I’ll be putting together a prototype for an adjustable model. I’ll leave a message here when it’s finished and works like it should.
Thanks for the interest,

I hope we hear from you soon. I saw the first batch of stands on Ebay, but I missed out.

I too can MIG weld. I am a union sheet metal worker out of local 265. I saw your auctions on eBay even before I checked out this forum. The looked very nice. But, I have Created my very own Lamp-O-Tron that works very nicely. When I get the chance, I’ll have some specs and details of how I assembled/created mine soon. I actually just finnished it this week with the final touches. And, I used the original springs that came with the lamp, rather than spending money on new ones. Works great!!! Like I said, I’ll have photos to share soon. Keep an eye open 😉


Chicago, Illinois…..Good old US of A


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