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Back in 1995, I tried out a VB on an in-store display, and it was a spacecraft shoot-em-up. I distinctly remember shooting at the reactor, but not able to get out before the mine blew… Later that year, I bought an IBM Aptiva with Descent Trial preloaded…. what do I see, but the SAME REACTOR, and trying to get out of the mine before it exploded. But the VB was all red and black. I didn’t see Descent on the games list, so I’m wondering if I just dreamed all this, but it seems very real…

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Try Red Alarm. Your memory is probably playing a few tricks on you though, as the event you describe isn’t in the game. But it’s definitely Red Alarm you’re thinking of.

Yep, definitely you are right… What happened was the reactor in the first level of Descent had a pattern on it, which to me resembled a face, which reminded me of shooting that face in Red Alarm.


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