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Remember after the virtual boy was sold and crashed, Gunpei, was outcasted in the Nintendo Video gaming industry and worked for the company who made wonderswan.. and then when riding in a car with his friend they saw a car crash and him and the other dude in the car went to go examine the crash, and then a car hit them from behind, and Gunpai died? Virtual boy Brings back bad memories to me sometimes πŸ™ .. any of u dudes hear the news like 5 years ago ’bout that?

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5 years ago I doubt I even knew what a Virtual Boy was… πŸ™

I definitely did not know what the thing was 5 yrs ago.
But yeah, that is the gist of the story i guess. Game informer had a good article about it. Maybe two years ago, in classic GI.

Amazing that I had a N64 at the time, loved video games, but was oblivious to the fact that Nintendo had a 3-D system.

Alright, lets flashback to 1996… I think it’s a good memory. I was graduating (kind of) high school, beer was 8 bucks a case, and the female student body was infinitely more important to me than video games. While all of these profound emotional, physical and chemical changes are occuring in my life, Nintendo is giving birth to two of the v.g. industries’ biggest innovations. ever. The N64 and the eclipsed virtual boy. After my brief, rather myopic, but entirely true description af myself, which one do you think i would choose? Exactly. I was one of those people that completely overlooked the v.b.- i mean, let’s face it- mario 64 was downright entertaining.

I kenw about the system when it came out. I played a store display model (much like the one I now own πŸ˜€ ). I remember asking my mom to buy me one and her reply of “No, it’s too expensive!”. I then remember looking at the price tag. I was at a total loss for a legitimate argument to her answer. That’s ok though. Now I own 3. Hahaha, take THAT mom!!!

I remember when i first saw the vb. I was at target looking at snes games & whatnot. and i saw a red goggle thing. then i came to realise there was a nintendo logo by it! i looked in and i was in love..

The first thing I heard of the virtual boy was on a game show called bad influence in 1995. I was 9 at the time, but I still remember it vividly. They said Nintendo had a virtual reality console coming out, and they showed us teleroboxer and the guy was like “woah, it’s like the fist is coming right at me!” heh.


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