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Last week I found a japanese game store in Barcelona . They have a lot of sealed carts : V-tetris , Golf , Vertical Force and Red Alarm . All costs €25!!.Next week I’ll upload photos

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Heh, funny timing. I just posted this:

Japanese games never came sealed, those were sealed afterwards by the shop. I hope you paid 25 EUR for all of those together and not per game?

I know the shop, I go there sometimes, it is called “JapanClassics”. In Virtual Boy maybe the most interesting is the Jack Bross Jap sealed by 30 €

Yes,JapanClasic …is a branch of FamicomHouse, a Tokio/Akihabara store. They had a lot of carts that didn’t sell years ago…and they sent to Spain.I saw a full-box of Vertical Force sealed!!…but don’t ask about Jack Bros , I bought the last one 😀

Perhaps you should start collect sealed boxes of games instead of just boxed games. 😉

Perhaps,but I’m broke!!… and first of all I should spend all my money to learn english 😕 . Last month I bough a not sealed Red Alarm ( €15 ) and now , I would buy a €25 sealed Red Alarm , or another carts , if I had more money… Would you like to buy a non sealed Red Alarm? It’s rare !! 😀

If it’s the US release sure.

What’s the shipping?

Send me a PM.

I’ve got half a dozen sealed red alarms now. I made a post about selling them but I’m thinking it would be good to hold on to them for a few years.

Sorry E5frog … only japanese carts 🙁


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